Could your smile be ruining your love life?  

Could your smile be ruining your love life? Could your smile be ruining your love life?  

February is ‘officially’ the month of love, but it’s not all romance and roses. 

The reality is much harsher.

When it comes to first impressions, and bagging that all-important second date, it appears the laws of attraction are, largely, governed by our smiles.

Want to know how something as simple as a smile could be standing in the way of true love? Our team of experts reveal all.

The truth behind your smile

Questioning if a smile can really have that much impact on your love life?

It can!

A recent survey carried out by the Dental Law Partnership, has revealed that the biggest first-date turn-off is poor oral health.

45% of those surveyed claimed that a date with bad breath, wonky or yellow teeth was a sure-fire way to guarantee a second date was off the cards.

And it seems we’re pickier the older we get, with a whopping 42% of women aged 55-64 admitting that bad breath rates as their biggest turn-off. A first date with someone who has crooked or yellow teeth is a complete no-no for 27% of women aged 18-24, whilst men aged 25-34 were only marginally less particular (18%).

It’s not just about looks

Are you an old romantic at heart? Prefer to think attraction is based on more than just good looks and a cute smile?

You can’t fight the laws of attraction, but it is true that personality plays a big part.

But what happens if your personality is struggling to shine through?

Smile problems and insecurities about oral health can have a massive impact on self-esteem and confidence. So, whilst you may think you’re largely unaffected by the look of your smile, and that you can live with any imperfections, you’ll be surprised how a bright white smile can change your attitude and outlook.

According to a study by GeeHair, only 1 in every 10 people over 45 believe they are attractive. The shocking reality of this means that 90% of those over 45 don’t think they are desirable.

This lack of confidence can have a knock-on effect on all areas of life – the self-belief to succeed at work, confidence to try new things and a sense of self-worth in relationships.  

Feeling positive about your appearance and smile has a direct influence on your overall mood and approach towards life. Feel more confident about your appearance and you’ll begin to exude more self-assurance and positivity…which is an extremely attractive quality.

How to improve your smile

So whether it’s in pursuit of true love or self-love, making improvements to your smile is always a positive move.

But where do you start?  

–          Take a breath test

To do this you can ask a trusted friend or family member if they’ve noticed your breath smells. Or if that feels too awkward, check yourself. To do this, simply lick the inside of your wrist and sniff the area. If it’s a bit whiffy, there’s a good chance your breath smells.

–          Assess your smile

Next, you can move on to the physical appearance of your smile.

The best place for this is in front of the mirror or using a photograph. Take a detailed look at your grin and make an honest appraisal about what it is that bothers you. Are your teeth discoloured from too much coffee? Are you conscious there’s too much gum on show when you smile? Or do you have a chipped tooth you’ve kept meaning to deal with but never have?

Whatever it is you feel is holding your smile back from its true potential, the good news is – it can be fixed!

Solve the problem

Problems with bad breath can often be solved simply by making a conscious effort to up your oral hygiene routine. Regular brushing (at least twice a day – and don’t forget your tongue!), flossing and regular dental check-ups are key to keeping your breath minty fresh. 

If discolouration is the root of your concerns, then try switching to a whitening toothpaste (there are hundreds on the market). These are great for tackling stains caused by a diet of rich, dark food (curry, coffee and red wine lover, we’re looking at you!).

If your problem is yellowing caused by a build-up of plaque – when was the last time you had a check-up with your dental hygienist? Sticking to routine appointments (at least once every 12-24 months) will help to keep a check on plaque build-up.

For more deep-rooted problems – fluorosis, excess gum, chipped or uneven teeth, there are a host of accessible cosmetic dental treatments designed to tackle these problems.

Write your own love story with the Smile Clinic

Want to take control and make positive changes? Then why not find out more about cosmetic dental surgery from the Harley Street Smile Clinic?

With a wide range of treatments on offer, whether you’re ready to get started or just want to chat through the options open to you, talk to us.

Our friendly team of experts will happily discuss the different procedures available – we even offer a free smile simulation to show you just how incredible your new smile could look.

With effective mini smile makeover treatments that fit into your lunch hour, right through to gummy smile overhauls and veneers, we have the skills and expertise to solve all your dental woes.    


Then get in touch with the team today. How your smile looks now doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Take control and create your own happily ever after…

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