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No-prep Composite Veneers

Improving your smile doesn’t always require big changes. Our minimal-prep veneers are a great option for a brighter, whiter smile that can last you up to twenty years but requires no anaesthetic and minimal invasion!

Create your dream smile in as little as one appointment!

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, our range of no-prep composite veneers can usually be applied in just one appointment! Great for those with smaller teeth, minor gaps, or discolouration, you can get your dream smile in a matter of hours! The best bit is that with his type of veneer, if you’re not happy with the results or feel like a change, the process can be reversed – though we’re confident that you’ll love your new smile.

We offer a range of no-prep veneers in order to give you the best results. From ultra-thin to slightly thicker options to cater to a range of needs, our no-prep veneers can give you the confidence to smile. Whether you struggle with discolouration, uneven teeth through grinding or small gaps between the teeth, minimal-prep veneers could be the ideal solution.

How do no-prep veneers work?

Similar to traditional veneers, no-prep veneers are fitted onto the tooth’s surface to enhance the aesthetic of your teeth. Although, the main difference is that no-prep veneers do not require any massive changes to be applied to the natural teeth.

In some cases, veneers can be placed onto the tooth’s surface without any preparation at all. However, most patients we come across – here at Harley Street Smile Clinic – will need small adjustments to their teeth before veneers can be fitted.

If you’d like to find out more about our easy, pain-free no-prep veneers – why not contact our team today? We offer free simulations to all clients and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!


Frequently Asked Questions - No Prep Veneers

Am I a good candidate for no-prep veneers?

No-prep veneers are usually offered to patients with the appearance of smaller teeth, as there is less preparation required. You may also be eligible for minimal prep veneers if you have worn down your teeth as a result of teeth grinding or you have small gaps in between the teeth. Patients with small stains or slightly misshaped teeth are a suitable fit for no-prep veneers, which can be applied to enhance your smile.

What are my options with no-prep veneers?

There are a variety of no-prep or minimal veneer choices including Vivaneers, DURathin and Lumineers, which are alternative veneers that all have their own purpose.

Vivaneers are made of ultra-thin porcelain, which makes placement onto the teeth more natural and less bulky-looking. They are also ideal for adjusting the shade of your teeth through the flexibility of translucent shading. DURathin is also an ultra-thin form of veneer, which is used to create a more natural looking shape on the teeth. Lumineers are slightly thicker than the others, which makes them the perfect application for patients who have experienced tooth discolouration.

How long do no-prep veneers last?

No-prep veneers can last up to twenty years as they are extremely durable. They are a great long-term solution for your teeth and – due to the lack of modifications to the teeth – they can actually be reversed if you wish.

Is the no-prep veneering process simple?

When it comes to implementing no-prep veneers, the process is much easier than traditional veneers. This is because, the majority of times, the process is non-invasive and there is no need to anaesthetise the mouth.

No-prep veneers can be placed directly onto the teeth without temporary veneers, however, they are occasionally used to showcase what the teeth will look like before the cementing process begins. If you choose a temporary restoration, the process will take place over two appointments, or – if you have them applied straight away – this may only require one session.

Is the no-prep veneering process painful?

This is a completely pain-free process, as there is little to no modifications made to the teeth, which means you will feel no sensitivity or pain after the procedure is over.

How cost-effective are no-prep veneers?

This form of veneers can be less costly than traditional veneers, as dentists do not have to modify the teeth, therefore no preparation charges are required.


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