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Widening the Narrow Smile with Porcelain VeneersNarrow Smiles Correction using veneersNarrow Smiles Correction using veneersNarrow Smiles Correction using veneersNarrow Smiles Correction using veneersWidening the Narrow Smile with Porcelain VeneersNarrow Smiles Correction using veneersVeneers for narrow smiles londonWidening the Narrow Smile with Porcelain Veneers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my smile narrow?

    Due to missing teeth or a narrow jawbone, a smile can often appear narrow naturally. This can cause the widest part of your smile to darken. This is referred to as a “narrow buccal corridor”.

    A narrow smile can also be inherited, which means you may have been born with narrow dental arches. However, a narrow smile is most likely caused through habitual activities during development, which includes bottle feeding, thumb-sucking, inadequate tongue position or even improper swallowing. All these components can prevent arch development, which ultimately creates a narrow and darker-looking smile.

    How to fix a narrow smile?

    Your narrow smile can be corrected easily with various treatments, that will enable your teeth to be distributed evenly within the mouth – creating a wider, friendlier looking smile. One treatment for widening a narrow smile includes having a brace fitted, to gently widen the teeth. This can be enhanced further using whitening after the braces are removed.

    However, the most effective and recommended treatment for improving a narrow smile is by using porcelain veneers – which are guaranteed to brighten and whiten your smile. Here at Harley Street Smile Clinic, our professional dentists can help you achieve a wider smile in accordance with your personal preferences on shape, size and colour.

    How can veneers correct a narrow smile?

    Veneers are made up of natural-looking porcelain, which makes them the perfect application for improving a narrow smile.

    At Harley Street Smile Clinic, your dentist may re-shape and remove a necessary amount of enamel from your teeth in preparation for your veneers. In some cases, they may decide that you are eligible for non-prep veneers, which means no tooth contouring or removal needs to take place. Once the preparation method is decided, your dentist will then take impressions from your teeth and construct a mould to accommodate a wider smile.

    Your dentist will then schedule your veneer fitting appointment, which will involve checking you are happy with the final result, and then implementing the veneers with cement when you are fully satisfied. Once fitted, you will find that your smile shows more than six teeth, giving you an overall brighter, wider and whiter smile.

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    If you are unhappy with your narrow smile, then our highly-skilled dentists can provide you with a wider and brighter smile using our premium porcelain veneers. Book your free E-consultation today or for further information on our cosmetic dentistry services, you can call us on 020 7971 1909 to discuss your smile options. Your gleaming smile will be easier to show off in no time!

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