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Veneers for a Gummy Smile
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Treatment options for a gummy smile

Thanks to the simple and risk-free treatment options available, a gummy smile is pretty straight-forward to take care of. Showing too much gum when you smile is a fairly common concern. Whether you feel your teeth look too short, or you’re self-conscious about your smile looking out of proportion – there are many ways to treat a gummy smile, and it may not necessarily involve treating your teeth.

Gummy Smile Makeover:

Full Dental Health Check, Gum Sculpting, Tooth Contouring & Whitening

A single 90 minute appointment is all that is required to raise your gum line, reshape your teeth and give you a personalised whitening treatment to transform your smile

Pre-Treatment Simulation A computer simulation can be provided free of charge by sending your photo to

Soft tissue gum sculpting is a pretty straight forward procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic to numb the area for a pain-free experience. Using a soft tissue laser, one of our specialist clinicians will remove a small amount of excess gum tissue. Although minimal amounts need to be taken for this procedure, often the results are significant – leaving the teeth looking longer, evening out the smile, and reducing the amount on gum on show to give a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Tooth contouring involves reshaping the edges and outside surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance. It can disguise crowding to make a smile appear straighter, without going through long-term treatment. It can also make the tips of the teeth look more level, or better shapes. The idea is based on changing the reflective and deflective areas on teeth, similar to using highlights and shadow in make-up. We generally contour teeth within the first layer, which is the enamel. Since this layer stays intact, the risks are minimal, as the tooth retains its original strength. Contouring is permanent and there is no upkeep involved. It also does not prevent you from having other forms of treatment in the future. In cases where teeth are already well proportioned, the reshaping is ideal to shorten the tooth when the gum has been sculpted to retain the proportions.

Phillips Zoom home whitening system is the preferred system we use to whiten teeth. We have found that it produces longer lasting results in comparison to the in-chair whitening.  It is manufactured in the USA and is a safe and effective way to enhance your smile. Using the highest quality maximum strength gel that can legally be administered by a dentist – 6% hydrogen peroxide, you can be assured of fantastic results and a brighter, whiter smile.  You will receive custom made gum shields that will fit around your teeth precisely, and these you will fill with the gel and wear for an hour a day.  Each day you should see your teeth get a little bit lighter. The whitening process takes 2 weeks in total to get the maximum effect.

Gummy Smile Makeover followed by veneers to transform the appearancce of crooked teeth and a gummy smile

Gum Sculpting is one of the most popular solutions for a gummy smile and is an effective way of raising the gum line. Crown lengthening can also be used to raise the gum line significantly more. Botox can assist in preventing the lip rising so much, or filler can be used to owe the lip line. All options can be considered, and each case should be treated individually to ensure the optimum result.  Veneers will be needed if you are looking to not only raise your gum line, but improve the appearance of your teeth also.

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