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Veneers for a Gummy Smile
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Treatment Options For A Gummy Smile

A common concern is showing too much gum when you smile.  There are many ways to treat a gummy smile, and it may not necessarily involve treating your teeth. Treatment options include Botox to prevent the lip rising as much when you smile.  Lip fillers can be used to lower the lip line. Gum Sculpting can be used to raise the gum line.  Crown lengthening can be used to raise the gum line a lot.  Whilst we only carry out gum sculpting here, we can recommend some great clinicians to carry out the other options.  Frequently a combination of the above options is used to achieve optimal results. Working out the right treatment option for you is what we like to help you with, and so we offer free imaging and free advice to help you make an informed decision.

Our most popular treatment to treat a gummy smile is our Gummy Smile Makeover.

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More Information About Gummy Smiles Treatment?

Free Advice

Firstly we need to establish exactly what you want to change about your smile.  You may wish to show less gum, but are you happy with the colour of your teeth? Would you prefer them to be whiter? Would you like to have straighter teeth, or close some gaps also? Are you looking for the most perfect smile you can achieve or just a slight improvement to the appearance of your teeth?  A combination of elements is most often used to find the right treatment, at the right price.

Free Imaging: If you are interested to see an image of how your smile would look,  upload a close-up photo of your teeth and we’ll send you back the results.

Get Your Free Imaging Simulation

If you would like to have a simulation please take a close up photo of your teeth, with your upper and lower teeth set apart slightly, and email it to and I will show you the likely result you can expect from this treatment.

Gum Sculpting Process

The Gum Sculpting treatment is quick, easy and pain free.  Here’s how it looks mid treatment during the Gum Sculpting Process

Gummy Smile Makeover with Whitening

  • Soft Tissue Gum Sculpting to raise the gum line
  • All stains removed from your teeth
  • Pola Day Home whitening treatment
  • Teeth Reshaping for optimal appearance
  •  1 appointment
  • Free Pre-Treatment Simulation Imaging
  • Full Dental Health Check
  • Price From £995
  • 0% Finance Available.

    Free Imaging: If you are interested to see an image of how your smile would look,  upload a close-up photo of your teeth and we’ll send you back the results.

Gum Sculpting with Veneers

  • Gum sculpting to raise the gum line
  • Veneers placed to correct crooked or gappy teeth
  • Whitening & Reshaping of lower teeth
  •  3 x appointments
  • Full Consultation with X-rays & Imaging
  • Priced according to number of veneers involved

Here are are some cases where veneers are involved in further improving the appearance of the gummy smile:

To find out more about what would be the right treatment for you, just give us a call or email us a photo of your smile along with what you would like to change about it and we’ll give you our assessment and price estimate of the treatment options available to you.


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