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teeth reshapingteeth reshapingTeeth reshaping - Enameloplastyteeth reshapingteeth reshapingTeeth reshaping - EnameloplastyTeeth reshaping - EnameloplastyTeeth reshaping - EnameloplastyTeeth reshaping - EnameloplastyTooth Reshaping and Dental ContouringTooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will you use to file my teeth?

    We use paper disks to file your teeth into shape. This treatment involves careful sculpting of the enamel which is perfectly safe and completely pain free. Not unlike filing your nails into shape. And the results can be amazing. So often we find that after having braces, whilst your teeth can be lovely and straight, they may not be even in length, and as such you may still not be happy enough with the results. Tooth contouring is the answer to this. Subtle filing to even out lengths and change shapes to create much more harmony in your smile.

    Will I get sensitivity after?

    You are very unlikely to get any sensitivity after the tooth contouring. If at any point you feel any sensitivity whatsoever in a tooth no further contouring would be carried out on that area of the tooth. However so little of the enamel is filed that there is little danger of sensitivity. Minimal filing can create the most dramatic results on the most conservative way.

    How is it per tooth?

    This dental treatment costs £495 regardless of the amount of teeth being contoured in that arch. If both arches are contoured it will be £695. If you would like an assessment to see if you could benefit from your teeth being contoured, and see what they would look like if you had the treatment, then email a close up of your teeth to [email protected] and request your free imaging.

    There are many factors that the cosmetic dentist needs to consider before being able to determine which product, and which process should be used in each individual case. It is not a simple case of one being better than the other, as there are elements of one which would be best used in one case but not in another. For example, one porcelain may look more natural but is so thin that it cannot disguise the discolouration on the tooth beneath it.

    The cosmetic dentist and the lab technician together work closely to determine how best to achieve the optimal end aesthetic result. For the layman researching which teeth veneers are best, you would be advised to seek the opinion of a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist, rather than assuming you know which dental porcelain veneers would be best for your teeth.

    I wear a retainer at night, will this affect it?

    You can continue to wear your retainer at night and it will not affect the treatment.

    Do I need a consultation first?

    No you do not have to have a consultation first as we will carry out the treatment quickly and easily on your first visit.

    Can you provide me with the health impacts of contouring?

    There are no health impacts from contouring your teeth.

    Will my teeth be more vulnerable to decay if they are contoured?

    No, your teeth will not be more vulnerable to decay if there are contoured. This is a perfectly safe treatment aimed at improving the look of your smile in the most conservative way, without breaking the bank.

    How will the dentist know when to stop?

    The dentist will carry out the treatment very slowly and you can be watching every part of it so that you are sure that the right amount can be taken from your tooth. It is always very minimal but we get guidance from you as to exactly which areas you would like to reshape so that you are happy with the end result.

    What’s involved in tooth reshaping?

    Tooth reshaping or contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel in order to realign the shape of the teeth. Before this procedure can begin, a dental x-ray is given to establish whether the teeth are healthy. If they are not, tooth reshaping cannot commence and our expert dentists will discuss alternative procedures that may help to achieve your perfect smile.

    If you are eligible for tooth contouring, the process will begin with your dentist marking out the areas that require sculpting. They will then use a special dental instrument and sandpaper-like strips, to remove the imperfections from your teeth and contour the shape. This is followed by a routine smooth and polish. The results can be astonishing! Uneven teeth suddenly look perfectly straight. Chips can be disguised so easily. Teeth shapes can be shaped to look prettier or more masculine. This is very common currently. Masculine teeth tend to be squarer, but it is becoming more common to look at the teeth and the face together to determine the most harmonious look. Men and women are favouring a mix of squarer or more rounded teeth.

    We provide simulation free of charge so that you can be specific about the shapes you would like, and see how they would look on you. If you’d like an imaging just email [email protected] with a close up photo of your teeth and I’ll show you how good your teeth could look.

    Am I a good candidate for tooth reshaping?

    Tooth reshaping is ideal for anyone who is unhappy with the small imperfections on their teeth. For example, if they have one or more teeth that are crooked or stick out, this can be solved with a simple reshaping procedure.

    Does tooth reshaping hurt?

    The tooth reshaping process is completely painless. Only the surface of the tooth is being filed with paper disks, which means you will not feel anything during the treatment. It’s a little bit like filing your nails. It won’t hurt a bit and they’ll look great afterwards. Smiles have been transformed as you can see below in the case studies. This is a very conservative treatment that produces amazing results and is completely pain free.

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