How to fix a gummy smile

Before & After Gummy Smile How to fix a gummy smile

Over being self-conscious about the amount of gum on show when you smile? Fed up with trying to perfect a closed-mouth pout? Do you long to smile freely without worrying about how you look?

Then it’s time to take action.

And the good news is, there are plenty of ways to tackle the problem.

If you want to know how to fix a gummy smile, you’re in the right place. Here the experienced team at The Harley Street Smile Clinic showcase some of the best treatments available.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile refers to an excessive amount of gum (gingival) on display above your teeth when you smile.

According to research held in the National Library of Medicine a ‘normal’ amount of gum on show is 1-2mm. More than this and you fall into the category of a gummy smile.

A gummy smile can be caused by many factors. The size and shape of teeth, overactive lip muscles, gingival hypertrophy (enlarged gums) and partial dental eruptions can all impact the length and look of your gum line. 

What’s the solution?

There may be multiple causes of a gummy smile but there are also multiple solutions… 

Why invisalign is the clear way forward

Fixing a gummy smile with braces

If you want non-invasive, pain-free and discreet treatment then visiting us for Invisalign in London is a great idea.

Gumlines can be made more apparent by teeth that haven’t erupted successfully. The way teeth sit – protruding forwards, sloping back or at angles – can all affect the visual appearance of your smile and draw unwanted attention to the gum line.

Using Invisalign – invisible and removable braces – is a great way to move teeth into a more favourable and flattering position, helping to create the impression of a less gummy smile. 

How long does it take?

Patience is the name of the game with braces but after just 1-2 weeks of wearing your first Invisalign aligner, teeth will already have started to shift.

How long treatment takes will depend on the complexity of your smile and how far your teeth need to move, but most smiles take around 6 months.

How much does treatment cost?

Invisalign treatment starts from £2995, with the exact cost depending on the extent of the treatment needed and how many aligners are required to achieve your desired positioning.

As part of the price, you’ll also be issued with a custom-made retainer. Wear this at night and you’re guaranteed long-lasting results.


Can you fix a gummy smile? Harley Street Smile Clinic

Fixing a gummy smile with gum contouring

In many cases, gum contouring is the fastest and most effective treatment for a gummy smile.

It works by using a laser to remove excessive gum tissue. This exposes more of the natural tooth, helping to balance out proportions and deliver impressive results.   

How long does it take?

The procedure is quick and easy. A small amount of local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area and prevent any discomfort and you should be done within one 90-minute appointment. Leaving you with instant – and permanent – results. 

How much does gum contouring cost?

Gum contouring is a key element of the gummy smile makeover we offer here at The Smile Clinic.

The total cost for treatment is £995 and this includes gum contouring, any tooth contouring that may be required to perfect the shaping of the outer edges of teeth, and home whitening treatment.

10 things you need to know before getting veneers

Fixing a gummy smile with veneers

Using veneers for gummy smile treatment is another favoured option and is often used alongside gum contouring for even more impressive results.

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells carefully bonded to the front surface of existing teeth. Not only can the veneer be used to increase the amount of tooth on display but it’s also a great way to improve the overall appearance of teeth, covering over any imperfections, balancing their size and shape and enhancing the whiteness of your smile.

How long does it take?

Having veneers fitted usually involves 3 appointments, which take place over several weeks.

The process includes the initial consultation and preparing teeth before the final custom-made veneer fitting.

If you’re in a rush to make improvements, express veneer services are available, which reduces this timeframe down to just 3 days. 

How much does treatment cost?

The cost associated with using veneers to treat a gummy smile will vary depending on the number needed. As a guide, our porcelain veneers typically start from £895 per tooth.

It’s important to remember that veneers won’t last forever – but with proper care and good oral hygiene, you can expect them to last for upwards of 15 years. 

Let us help

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