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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When would I need a dental bridge?

    A dental bridge can be used as a substitute for the lateral incisor where there are teeth either side of the gap. A bridge is made up of two or more dental crowns and is anchored by your natural teeth.

    What are the advantages of a dental bridge?

    There are a variety of ways you can benefit from having a dental bridge fitted as a replacement for your missing incisor. These include:

    • Smile restoration
    • Maintain the structure of your jaw
    • Improved chewing ability
    • Prevents natural teeth from shifting
    • Boosts self-esteem

    Will I have trouble speaking with a dental bridge?

    At first, you may experience a slight change in the way you speak, for example, your pronunciation. However, after a short time, you will adjust, and your speech will begin to improve and go back to normal.

    What is the procedure for applying dental bridges?

    Before fitting a bridge, your dentist will first prepare your natural supporting teeth, also known as your abutment teeth. This involves tooth contouring and the removal of enamel, in order to make room for the dental bridge. Once this is complete, your dentist will then take impressions of the teeth, which will act as a model for your crowns, bridge and pontic. Don’t worry, you will be provided with a temporary bridge to protect your vulnerable abutment teeth.

    On the second visit, your temporary bridge will be removed, and your new bridge will be fitted by your dentist – who will ensure the correct adjustments are made before the bridge is fixed into place.

    You may be required to attend additional appointments, although this is dependent on the type of bridge you receive. Some individuals will have a removable bridge, which may just require occasional checks, and fixed bridges may be temporarily cemented – thus ensuring that it is the right size and shape before it can be properly fitted.

    How long do dental bridges last?

    Dental bridges usually last up to fifteen years if you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid any injury or damage to your teeth.

    What are the different types of dental bridges?

    There are three main types of dental bridge, including:

    • Traditional dental bridges – created using crowns on either side of the gap where the missing tooth should be. This is supported by a fixed or removable partial denture
    • Resin bonded bridges – these are similar to a traditional bridge, with the addition of metal or porcelain wings, which are attached to the interior of the natural teeth so they cannot be seen
    • Cantilever dental bridges – used when there is only one supporting tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. This requires a pontic to be placed on the outside of the natural tooth in order to support the dental bridge.

    Can a dental bridge be repaired?

    After a long period of time, your dental bridge may break due to underlying decay on your gums or adjacent teeth. Even if your dental bridge does not break, you may feel sensitivity or pain in the surrounding area of your dental bridge, which may require repair or replacement.

    Your dentist will decide on the best action to take. Typically, they can repair visible chips and fractures in the bridge by simply repairing the coating. However, if you have an issue with your natural teeth, your dental bridge will have to be broken, removed and replaced.

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