No-prep veneers: The optimum choice for veneers without shaving teeth

No-prep veneers: The optimum choice for veneers without shaving teeth

­­­­When it comes to cosmetic surgery, veneers steal much of the limelight.

Fast, effective and with a winning smile guaranteed, it’s no surprise. But whilst hugely popular, porcelain veneers are not without their drawbacks.

One of the biggest put-offs? Needing to have your teeth shaved.

Horror stories of being left with nothing more than stumps in place of regular teeth have led to the growing popularity of no-prep veneers – a non-invasive option that usually requires no tooth reduction.

Intrigued to know more? Read on for everything you need to know about no-prep veneers or contact the Harley Street Smile team today.

No-prep veneers - Harley Street Smile Clinic

What is a no-prep veneer?

The clue is in the name. With a ‘no-prep’ veneer there is no preparation of the natural tooth required.

At the Smile Clinic, we use Lumineer™ veneers. These are made from a patented material known as Cerinate®, which is extremely thin yet very strong.

The treatment is non-invasive so there’s no need for anaesthetic, which makes the whole process of having this type of veneer fitted quick, easy, and pain-free. What’s not to love about that?!


How do they differ from other veneer treatments?

Allow us to be completely clear here. No type of veneer should ever require tooth shaving so severe that teeth are reduced to mere stumps in the gum – this level of reduction is associated with crowns NOT veneers.

That said, porcelain veneers do require some removal of enamel from the surface of the natural tooth to secure a flawless fit. This enamel reduction is usually very minimal but does mean they are considered permanent – you can change your veneers, but you will always need to keep your natural teeth covered.

In contrast, no-prep veneers don’t involve any modifications to the surface of natural teeth. Meaning they are not permanent and, should you wish to, you can return to your natural teeth at any time.

No-prep veneers - Harley Street Smile Clinic

What are the advantages of choosing no-prep veneers?

For many people, being reversible and requiring no tooth shaving is a massive plus in favour of no-pep veneers. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Other perks include:

·         They’re quick to fit

No-prep veneers are applied straight away. There’s no need for anaesthetic, so you’ll be done in just one appointment.

You can choose to try temporary veneers first – to get a proper idea of what to expect from the with veneers fitted – but you’ll still be sorted within two appointments!

·         No-prep veneers are a cheaper option

With less preparation comes less cost – a double bonus!

The average cost of no-prep veneers is substantially less than that of composite veneers, but prices are affected by the number of teeth you have veneered.

Book a free consultation and we’ll happily provide you with a personalised estimate.  

·         They last

If you’re worried that the lack of initial groundwork will impact the quality and longevity of no-prep veneers – don’t be.

Despite being incredibly thin, they are still extremely durable and with the right care, you can expect no-prep veneers to last for 20 years – easily competing with porcelain veneers in terms of life expectancy.  

·         Treatment is pain-free

Hate needles? Dread the dentist’s drill? Well, with no-prep veneers, you can completely avoid them!

With no modifications to your natural teeth needed, you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort during or after treatment. Meaning you can get straight back into your normal routine and just enjoy your great-looking smile.  


No-prep veneers - Harley Street Smile Clinic

Talk to the team

No-prep veneers can be a great choice – especially if you’re keen to avoid tooth shaving, but it’s important to acknowledge they don’t have quite the same capabilities as porcelain veneers in London. For example, being ultra-thin, if you’re trying to cover particularly dark tooth stains, they may not prove as effective.

To find out more about no-prep veneers and whether they’re the right treatment choice for your smile, why not talk to the team here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic? As leaders in the field of veneers, we can help to identify the right veneers treatment to achieve the smile you’re longing for.

Get in touch today or send in a close-up shot of your smile, including details of what it is you’d most like to change, and we’ll be back in touch with personalised recommendations.

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