Latest TOWIE smile makeover – Kirk Norcross

28th February 2013

So the latest series of TOWIE is back on our screens!  We recently had the pleasure of meeting Kirk and transforming his smile.  Kirk was quite specific about what he wanted.  His teeth were already fairly straight which is a great base to start with, but his teeth weren’t very visible when he smiled.  Whilst he didn’t want his teeth to be too big or too white, he did want them to be more obvious than they were before.  As you may have noticed on last night’s episode of TOWIE they looked fantastic!  Kirk had 8 upper veneers placed on his teeth just days ago, so watch this space for the close up of the results.  When we perform our smile makeovers we can’t take photos straight away as the patient is too numb, so we wait a couple of weeks before we take the final photos.

Cosmetic dentistry can make such a difference to how a person feels about their smile.  Every case is so very different.  With somepeople it is really obvious what bothers them about their smile.  Other cases are where you can look at their teeth and think, ‘What’s wrong with them, they look fine.’  But it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s how the person feels themselves.  Just one tooth out of line can affect how a person reacts to photos being taken. So often your hear people say, ‘Oh no! Get my good side!’  And this may just be down to one tooth that sits further forward than the rest but is more noticeable when looking at their profile.  Having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth to correct their appearance quickly and easily can be a great way to correct your smile.  Ideally you would have braces to move your teeth into the correct position as this would be more conservative, but even then, as in the case of Kirk, making his teeth perfectly straight with braces would not have achieved making his teeth more visible when he smiles.  By having porcelain veneers fitted he has been able to lengthen his teeth, widen his smile, change the colour, and straighten his perfectly.  All in just a couple of weeks.

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