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    What is the difference between composite veneers and composite teeth bonding?

    In truth, not a lot!

    Both are crafted from the same special resin-based, composite material. The key difference is that, with composite bonding, treatment is only applied to small, targeted areas of a tooth. Whereas a composite veneer is designed to cover the entire surface of an existing tooth (in the same way a porcelain veneer would).

    Cosmetic bonding and composite veneers are also similar in terms of durability, life expectancy, and the impact on natural teeth.


    How long can composite bonding treatment last?

    A key factor in the longevity of tooth bonding is the calibre of the cosmetic dentist carrying out the treatment – which is why your first step with cosmetic dental procedures of any kind should be to speak to our team here at the Smile Clinic.

    On average, we expect composite bonding to last anywhere between 2-5 years (similar to composite veneers) – although if you generally enjoy good dental health and maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine, they can last for much longer than this!

    Your cosmetic dentist will offer advice and guidance about composite bonding aftercare during your treatment – and we are always happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

    Get in touch with our experienced cosmetic dental clinic today on 020 7971 1909, or book your free e-consultation now.

    Is dental bonding reversible?

    Yes, composite bonding is completely reversible.

    The composite resin can be applied without removing any enamel from the surface of natural teeth, meaning you’re free to have the composite material removed should you wish to.

    Such is our reputation for composite bonding, London-based Harley Street Smile Clinic is the first port of call for people living in the city and across the country – so why not join them and get in touch with the team today?


    Can Invisalign and composite bonding be used together?


    Dental bonding is a great way to perfect problems with a natural tooth or spacing – but if you’d like to do more to straighten out your smile, you’ll be pleased to learn that clear aligners can be used, even if some of your teeth have had composite resin applied.

    To find out more about the composite bonding procedure – or to talk in more detail about the different cosmetic dental treatments we have available and how they can work together to achieve your dream smile – get in touch with the team.

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