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porcelain veneers for crooked teeth before and afterVeneers for Crooked TeethFixing Crooked Teeth With VeneersVeneers for Crooked TeethGet Straight Teeth Using Porcelain VeneersDo Veneers Work on crooked teethVeneers for Crooked TeethDo Veneers Work on crooked teethFixing Crooked Teeth With VeneersGet Straight Teeth Using Porcelain VeneersFixing Crooked Teeth With VeneersDo Veneers Work on crooked teethGet Straight Teeth Using Porcelain Veneers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are porcelain veneers a better option than braces?

    Some cases of teeth straightening simply don’t call for braces or don’t suit them as the best response. For example, some of our patients have just one tooth that is out of alignment from the rest; other cases show teeth that are overlapping each other. Either of these cases may not be ideal situations for the use of braces or Invisalign, but porcelain veneers may easily correct the problem and lead to a beautiful straight smile. Another example, and one which we see quite frequently, involves the canine teeth (fangs) showing more prominently than the rest of the teeth, and creating a perfect opportunity for teeth straightening – we can easily use porcelain veneers to correct the appearance of these teeth.

    Even if your teeth are set back from the others, or if just one tooth is, we can still correct this quickly and easily, without the use of a brace. The causes of crooked or misaligned teeth are incredibly varied – as one particularly notable example, many of our clients used to suck their thumbs as children and the result was their teeth pushed forwards at the front.

    Veneers can also be used to reduce the protrusion of these teeth. Due to the variety of reasons for teeth being crooked, the only thing that matters is how we respond – and in many cases, a set of custom, hand-crafted porcelain veneers from our dental experts on Harley Street can give you a beautiful, even smile in only a few days! Our porcelain veneers can usually be applied in just two pain-free sessions, lasting on average just 90 minutes. Instead of months or years wearing uncomfortable braces, our clients are able to undergo teeth straightening in just a few hours, in a clinic specially designed to make everything as stress-free and painless as possible.

    What is the procedure for fixing crooked teeth?

    Thanks to Harley Street Smile Clinic’s cutting-edge dental techniques, our veneers can be perfectly handcrafted to correct the appearance of your crooked or overcrowded teeth painlessly and quickly. In the unlikely event that you do need a local anaesthetic, our expertise ensures that this is carried out with an absolute minimum of discomfort. Using porcelain veneers to correct overcrowding or straighten teeth without the need for braces is more popular now than ever before. Teeth straightening can be achieved in a matter of days. If you would like to know how many veneers it might take for you to have perfectly straight teeth please get in touch. You are welcome to email us a photo of your teeth and we can get back in touch with you straight away and let you know what your options are and the likely costs involved.

    Get in Touch

    If you would like to know how many veneers it might take for you to have perfectly straight teeth please get in touch. You are welcome to email us a photo of your teeth and we can get back in touch with you straight away and let you know what your options are and the likely costs involved. You can get in touch by calling 020 7971 1909 or filling in our contact form today for one of our staff members to assist you.

    How long will it take to straighten my smile?

    Impatient for a perfect smile? We don’t blame you. Crooked teeth can leave you feeling extremely self-conscious about your appearance and the sooner things are straightened out the better.

    Traditionally, the only way to tackle uneven smiles was by having a brace fitted. Now, with our state-of-the-art procedures, even the wonkiest of smiles can be transformed in a much shorter time frame.

    Your crooked smile could be caused by just one problem tooth, or you may require treatment to several teeth – the timescale for how long your treatment takes will be dependent on this. On average though, veneers are fitted over two pain-free appointments – each lasting around 90 minutes, and the work is completed in just 3 weeks.

    If this is still too long to wait, take a look at our 3-day express veneer option. This process is the same as with normal veneers but is fast-tracked by the master dental technician – meaning you can enjoy your dream smile in next to no time.

    Will it hurt to get my smile straightened?

    No! In most cases getting veneers is a completely pain-free process.

    On average veneers will be fitted over 2 appointments, lasting around 90 minutes each, and you will be able to return straight to work after the treatment. You might experience some short-lived sensitivity around your gums, and it can take a little time for chewing and talking to feel completely normal. Realistically though, the worst you will experience with veneers will be a short sharp scratch – and that’s only in the unlikely event that a local anaesthetic is required.

    The other great news about opting for veneers to straighten your smile is that you will see results after just 3 weeks. To achieve the same look with braces would typically take 18 months to 2 years. Anyone with experience of braces will also know that they come with a degree of discomfort – especially if they require tightening – making veneers the obvious, pain-free choice.

    If you still have concerns about straightening your smile with veneers, why not get in touch? We’d be happy to chat through the treatment in more detail and address any concerns. Call us on 020 791 1909 or email

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