Can Invisalign widen a smile? – with before and afters

Invisalign London - Harley Street Smile Clinic Can Invisalign widen a smile? – with before and afters

When you think of the perfect smile, how does it look?

We’ll guess the teeth are a flawless white, perfectly straight and the smile is wide.

Are we right?

That’s because the size of our smile is often how we indicate our level of pleasure and enjoyment. It’s a sign of how happy we are – ‘smiling widely’, ‘grinning from ear to ear’ – so when you picture perfection, that smile will no doubt be big.

But what if the reality is different? What if, no matter how hard you try, your smile just won’t stretch? Leaving you looking – and feeling – tight-lipped and miserable.

Presume there’s nothing you can do about it?

Wrong! And even better, it’s much more straightforward than you might think.

Smiling a little wider already? Well, keep reading to find out how your narrow smile problems could be solved with the help of Harley Street Smile Clinic and Invisalign.

Before and After Invisalign London - Harley Street Smile Clinic
Invisalign London – Harley Street Smile Clinic

What is meant by a narrow smile?

First things first, let’s be 100% clear about what exactly we mean by a narrow smile.

Every smile is different, but a small smile is one that only shows six teeth or less when smiling.

The medical term for this is a ‘narrow buccal corridor’. Buccal corridors are the space on either side of the upper teeth when smiling. If this area is restricted it creates a tight smile that can look forced and unfriendly.

Causes of a narrow smile

There are a number of causes that contribute to a narrow smile, including:

• Genetics
The size, shape and development of dental arches are largely influenced by genetics. If one of your parents had narrow dental arches, chances are you will suffer from the same issue, resulting in a compact smile.

• Missing teeth
Tooth loss without seeking dental treatment, or a trauma or injury (particularly in childhood), can prevent dental arches from developing normally and have an impact on the placement of teeth – impacting the size and shape of your smile.

• Misaligned teeth
One of the main causes of a narrow smile is teeth that aren’t positioned correctly. This can be a result of a childhood stress – such as thumb sucking – but even without this, many people suffer from unevenly spaced teeth. Without orthodontic correction this can affect the balance of a smile, making it appear tight.

• Overcrowding
Too many teeth competing for space is also a factor in a narrow smile. Overcrowding leads to overlapping and protruding teeth, which gives the illusion of a narrower smile.

Before and After Invisalign London - Harley Street Smile Clinic
Invisalign London – Harley Street Smile Clinic

Why are wider smiles more desirable?

A wider smile helps to balance out the face, it also creates a more youthful image – narrow, thin lips are not only ageing but don’t offer any support to cheeks, causing the face to sag.

With a wider smile, natural teeth will reflect light – naturally creating a more attractive and inviting impression.

Add to this the fact that many celebrities are also famed for their wide smiles – think Julia Roberts and Margot Robbie – and it’s easy to see why wider smiles are in demand.


Veneers can create a fuller-looking smile by evening out the shape and size of teeth. The added whiteness also helps to widen the appearance of a smile.

Old-school braces could be an option for remedying a narrow smile, but even with tooth-coloured wires, the need to have conspicuous metal brackets fixed to teeth is off-putting to many people.

A modern take on traditional braces, a series of clear aligners can be used to gradually move teeth into a more desirable position to expand the appearance of a smile.

Why choose Invisalign to widen your smile? 

Every smile is different. The best treatment should always be dictated by individual circumstances. That said, here at The Smile Clinic, we often find Invisalign is one of the most effective treatments.

Fast, pain-free, and non-invasive, it’s the cost-effective way to broaden a narrow smile with maximum discretion.

More affordable than veneers and more discrete and flexible than standard braces (Invisalign can be easily removed when needed), they fit into everyday life and are the easy, hassle-free way to correct a narrow smile.

To find out more about the benefits of using Invisalign, read our blog, ‘Why you should consider Invisalign: A guide to clear braces’.

Invisalign to Widen Smile Before and after images

Want proof of just how effective clear aligners can be? Check out these impressive before and after images where we’ve successfully used Invisalign to widen smiles see Invisalign London.

Before and After Invisalign London - Harley Street Smile Clinic
Invisalign London – Harley Street Smile Clinic

Start your journey to a wider smile

Ready to take steps towards the brilliant, broad smile you’ve always longed for? Then let us help.

As leaders for Invisalign in London, we have vast experience and have been using Invisalign to widen smiles for many years now. Our success can be seen for itself, but if you’d like to discover more about using this treatment to widen your smile, exactly how it works or would like a personalised quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can call us now on 020 7971 1909, email [email protected] or fill in our contact form and a member of the team we’ll be back in touch soon.

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