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8 most commonly asked questions about veneers

Unhappy with your smile but have mixed feelings about getting veneers? You’re not on your own. Many people have questions and misgivings about taking the plunge with cosmetic dental treatment, which is why, here at The Harley Street Smile Clinic, our first step is always to put you at ease and answer any questions. And …

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National Smile Month

  If ever there’s a reason to smile it’s for National Smile Month, which this year runs from 16 May to 16 June. Organised by the Oral Health Foundation, it’s aimed at promoting – and improving – oral health in the UK. It started life as a week-long campaign back in 1977 and is now …

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Lunch? Why your smile needs a break

Taking a break is important. Grabbing a bite to eat is crucial too, helping to recharge batteries and fuel your mind and body for the afternoon ahead. All very well, but when it comes to teeth, could your lunch break be doing more harm than good?   Here cosmetic dental experts at the Harley Street …

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How cosmetic dentistry can help more than just your smile

A smile. Simple but effective. And one of the many ways we connect with others and the community around us. But what happens if you hate your smile? For many people, feeling self-conscious about appearance can lead to shying away from social situations and avoiding interaction. This often results in a more lonely and isolated …

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The truth about chocolate and teeth

Most of us grow up with the message drilled into us that sugary treats are terrible for teeth. It’s true. But just how bad is chocolate? Can it really affect your smile…and more importantly, how many eggs is it ok to eat this Easter? Here experts from The Harley Street Smile Clinic peel back the …

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Spring clean your smile with a smile makeover

Spring has definitely sprung. And with it come reports that the average Brit spends around ten days a year cleaning – 237 hours! One in three claims to do so because it makes them feel happier, eases anxiety, and helps to reduce stress. So it comes as no surprise that engaging in an annual ‘spring’ …

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