Can you fix a gummy smile?

Can you fix a gummy smile? Harley Street Smile Clinic Can you fix a gummy smile?

Plagued by the sight of too much gum when you smile?

It’s a common problem.

In fact, around a quarter of the UK population suffers from excessive gumminess – but you don’t have to!

A gummy smile – or excessive gingival display as it’s formally known – isn’t usually painful, nor does it occur as the result of an accident. For this reason, people tend to shy away from seeking help, believing making changes is purely vanity led and that they should ‘put up’ with the problem.

But why live with a smile that makes you unhappy – especially when fixing it is so easy?!

Want to know more about what can be done to improve matters? Read on to discover just how treatable a gummy smile can be.

What is a gummy smile?

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect smile, but rarely does that vision involve having excessive gum on display.

A gummy smile refers to when the ratio of visible tooth to gum is unbalanced, leaving too much gum on show when you smile. It can be caused by the size and shape of teeth, how they erupted from the gums, excessive gum growth – or even just by the movement of lips when smiling. But whatever the cause, the results are invariably the same – low self-esteem and a dread of smiling.

Can you fix a gummy smile?

Treatment options for a gummy smile

The good news is, you don’t have to live with a gummy smile and there are a range of options available to help tackle the problem.

These include:

– Botox injections

If you’re hesitant about cosmetic dental treatments, this could be the solution for you. Quick and easy, Botox injections are used to partially paralyse the muscles that control the movement of the top lip, preventing it from lifting too high during a smile. The downside of this option is that treatment is short-lived and will need re-doing every 3-4 months.

– Wearing braces

If teeth aren’t positioned correctly, protrude forwards or slope back, this can make gums more noticeable. Braces are a great way to gently move teeth into a more favourable – and flattering – position and may be enough to soften the appearance of a gummy smile.

Think you’ll be even more self-conscious of braces than you are of your gummy smile? Then take a look at Invisalign, these invisible braces are the soul of discretion.

– Gummy smile makeover

This is perhaps the most favoured treatment. During a gummy smile makeover, excess gum tissue is removed. This can help to level out gum lines and reduce the appearance of an overly gummy smile – ideal in cases where only a small amount of gum removal is required (typically less than 2mm).

This is then followed by gentle tooth contouring. This combined approach has impressive results, levelling out the size and shape of teeth and creating a more aligned, beautiful smile.

– Surgical gum lift

If more extreme gum removal is needed, then a surgical gum lift may be required. This is a more invasive treatment during which a surgeon will remove bone or gum tissue. It can take several months to fully heal, but the results are permanent – and worth it!   

– Veneers

For even more impressive gummy smile solutions, gum sculpting is often used alongside veneers. Here, thin ceramic shells are fitted individually to the front surface of each tooth to mask any imperfections underneath, helping to balance out a smile’s appearance and gum levels.

Can you fix a gummy smile?

What to expect from a gummy smile makeover at the Smile Clinic

Looking for quick, lasting, and pain-free results? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from a gummy smile makeover here at The Smile Clinic.

All it takes is one 90-minute appointment to completely transform the appearance of your smile.

Soft tissue sculpting will be performed under local anaesthetic – so you won’t feel a thing. We’ll then gently file a small amount of enamel to ensure each tooth is perfectly proportioned.

As a further step in our gummy smile makeover, we also include a whitening treatment. You’ll be issued with custom-made whitening trays to use at home, to ensure you not only achieve a more balanced smile but a whiter and brighter one too! 

Book your gummy smile makeover today

Ready to banish your gummy smile? Want a sneak preview of just how great you could look? We offer a complimentary smile simulation – get in touch to find out more.

You can also check out our gummy smile makeover page to see impressive before and after images of just how effective treatment is.  

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