How your 2022 resolutions could help your smile

2022 resolutions could help your smile How your 2022 resolutions could help your smile

In the grand scheme of popular resolutions to make in January, taking better care of your teeth doesn’t tend to be high on the list (although at the Smile Clinic, we think it should be!).

Instead, you’ll find healthy eating, getting fit and quitting smoking, competing for the top spot. Yet despite their popularity, they’re some of the most commonly broken resolutions too.

We’re only a few weeks into January but it’s likely you’re already waning on enthusiasm (66% of New Year pledges fail by February). So perhaps the knowledge that you could be getting more benefits than you bargained for by sticking with your promises, will prove to be just the motivational boost you need.

Intrigued? Read on to discover how New Year’s resolutions can have a positive impact on your smile…

Popular New Year’s resolutions

#1 Exercise more

Whether it’s taking up a new sport, stepping out for long walks with a friend or starting the couch to 5k program to get running, exercising more is a firm favourite among resolution makers.

Aside from the many obvious health benefits of getting active and moving more, increasing your exercise levels can also help your smile.

It’s true! A study by the Journal of Dentistry concludes that upping exercise levels directly leads to better oral health and reduces the threat of periodontal disease. Add that to increased levels of endorphins, improved sleep patterns and bolstered energy and the rewards of exercising are hard to ignore. 

#2 Lose weight

Keen to drop a few pounds but struggling to ignore the stash of chocolate leftover from Christmas? Perhaps visualising a happier, healthier smile, as well and being able to zip up your favourite jeans, will help.

By losing weight, you’ll start to notice healthier gums. You will also reduce the risk of chronic systemic inflammation, a condition triggered by obesity that results in an overly aggressive immune system. By reducing weight levels, you lower the risk of inflammation and help to minimise the risk of gum disease.

#3 Eat a healthier diet

No matter how well you eat, there’s usually still a little room for improvement. Reducing alcohol intake, eating more fruit and veg, and drinking plenty of water are key to a healthier diet – and healthier teeth!

Red wine, rich spicey foods (Saturday night takeaways, we’re looking at you!) and sugary soft drinks are all guilty of staining teeth, not to mention the fact that sugary foods also attack enamel.

Making healthier choices – more fresh fruit and veg, upping your intake of milk and natural yogurts (calcium is great for teeth, helping to strengthen and repair tooth enamel) – will naturally boost your bodies supply of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to look and feel at its best. And the condition and colour of your teeth will improve too.

#4 Get organised

Never enough time in the day? Always running late or forgetting to do things? If you’re committed to getting organised in 2022, then you could find it’s more than just your diary getting in shape.

By formalising your time, and making a conscious effort to organise things, you’re far more likely to find the time – and stick to – a good oral care routine. Whether it’s flossing before bed, remembering to book regular check-ups at the dentist, or planning out and preparing healthy meals, getting organised is a definite winner for teeth.

#5 Quit smoking

We all know smoking can lead to health problems and diseases, but did you know it’s terrible for your mouth too?

Cut back, or better yet, quit, and you’ll not only reap numerous health benefits, you’ll also reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth loss, halitosis, mouth cancer and the tell-tale yellow staining associated with this bad habit. 

#6 Be smarter with money

Do your wages seem to fritter away to nothing each month? Are you keen to start saving and have more to show for your money?

Then why not set yourself a saving goal? By putting away money each month – no matter how small – you can enjoy the satisfaction of watching it build over time.

If you’ve always thought you couldn’t afford cosmetic dental work, the realisation of just how much you can save when you put your mind to it, might help you to realise the dream of the treatment you’ve been hankering after.

And by shopping around for the best value for your money, you can hone your skills for finding a great deal (hint: you’ve already found it at the Smile Clinic) and being savvier with your finances.

Get 2022 off to a great start with the Harley Street Smile Clinic

Not a New Year’s resolution kind of person or eager to show 2022 you mean business? Then why not take a look at how our cosmetic dental experts could help to transform your smile?

From a little new year pick-me-up with a mini smile makeover to veneers, Invisalign and our impressive gummy smile makeover. Whatever aspect of your smile you’re looking to improve, we can help – with great finance deals available. So start the New Year with a smile and get in touch today for your free e-consultation and personalised quote. 

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