Posted 1st October 2019

Veneers in Turkey – How far are you willing to go for the “perfect” smile?

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In 2018, over 300,000 people travelled to have dental implants in Turkey, for the ultimate in budget cosmetic dentistry. But with the number of emergency dental treatments rising as a result of botched cosmetic work abroad, the question is how much are you willing to pay for a quick fix?

Mislead millennials are committing to a lifetime of unnecessary, expensive and painful treatments as it’s found that many don’t even know what work they’ve had done when going for veneers in Turkey

Amongst the masses on the quest for the perfect smile are thousands of young men and women looking for a smile worthy of Instagram. In the UK alone, 63% of those considering dental treatments are aged between 18-34, which has led to the unearthing of some shocking facts about dental implants in Turkey.

Our clinic has been inundated over the last couple of years with young people who have been mislead by bargain cosmetic dental centres in Turkey. Having been left with the harsh reality of a lifetime of dental work, costing far beyond the cost of having veneers done in the UK, often our clients have no idea what work they’ve actually had done, or what’s involved in rectifying the issue.

The chances are that if you’re considering veneers, you’ve deliberated over the high price tag countless times. Maybe you’ve even thought of following in the footsteps of some of the nation’s most well-known celebs and going abroad for your treatment.

If this sounds like you – there are some things you should know.



Cosmetic dentistry clinics in Turkey are removing the nerves out of young people’s teeth, and fitting crowns instead of veneers – all without the consent or knowledge of the client

With statistics showing that around 47% of people have already received some form of cosmetic dentistry to make improvements, it comes as no surprise that most people who decide to get dental veneers do so to improve the appearance of their natural teeth, rather than for clinical need.

But what’s involved? Veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, essentially working as a cover for your own teeth. Although less invasive than crowns, veneers still require a small amount of the natural tooth enamel to be filed away (about ½ millimetre) in order to create a base for the veneers to stick to. For this reason, once veneers are fitted the process cannot be reversed and so routine maintenance will be necessary to get the most out of the investment, with some veneers lasting around 15 years before needing to be replaced.Botched veneers before and after

There are a number of reasons why you may be thinking about getting veneers – and done properly they are effective ways to combat some of the following:

Although a relatively risk-free treatment, care must be taken to ensure that the nerves of the tooth do not become exposed, which can occur if too much enamel is removed during preparation. When the pulp is exposed, the risk of infection is high and so a root canal is the only available outcome, which is invasive, painful and very costly.

We have seen numerous cases of impressionable young girls and boys who have come to us in agony, having had the nerves of their teeth removed and covered with crowns, instead of veneers. Many of these individuals had suffered severe infections were now locked into a lifetime of maintenance as a result of poor cosmetic dental implants in Turkey. What’s more is that a huge number of our clients had no discussions with their Turkish consultant or any idea that their natural teeth had been ruined forever.

Get brand new ‘veneers’ in one day – and spend the rest of your life paying for it

Here in the UK, cosmetic dentistry is only available under the NHS if there’s a clinical need – so for those looking to enhance their smile, it can cost a pretty penny for the highest quality care and treatment that will last for many years.

Dental veneers before and after

Although having veneers fitted in the UK can take anywhere up to three weeks from meeting your consultant to having the veneers fitted, getting veneers in Turkey can be done in just one visit, with the promise of a low price-point and fast results, which has led to the highest numbers of botched cosmetic dentistry procedures in recent years.

Whilst there certainly are a number of genuine dental clinics abroad, it is important to recognise that not every cosmetic dentistry clinic in Turkey will have the standards, skills or qualifications necessary to perform safe cosmetic dentistry – so why are so many people willing to compromise?

Amongst the most common reported benefits of getting veneers in Turkey is of course the cheap costs compared to here in the UK. Private dentistry in the UK can cost anywhere up to 70% more than its Turkey counterpart– so it’s a no brainer, right?

Well, according to statistics – it’s not quite as straight forward as you might think. A survey done by the Irish Dental Association revealed that approximately 75% of those who had travelled abroad for dental procedures required corrective work back home. So, it really begs the question of how much you are actually saving in the end, and whether your oral health is worth that risk.


Lack of communication leads to thousands of young people leaving Turkey with nothing to smile about as botched cosmetic dental work abroad is on the rise

Here in the UK, a botched cosmetic dentistry procedure can be painful and traumatic. But it’s also assured that you are protected under UK law to claim under medical negligence, should something go wrong. However, if you opt for cheaper veneers in Turkey, in the case of things going wrong, you are not covered in the same way and more often than not you can end up spending many more thousands of pounds trying to fix the problems.

Unfortunately for every success, there is a horror story of dental tourism gone wrong, with the majority of cases leading to the following issues:

  • Intense long-lasting pain
  • Overly sensitive teeth making it difficult to eat or drink
  • Exposed nerves, leading to further invasive treatments
  • Ill-fitting veneers can be too big or too small for the size of the mouth
  • Infected gums, which can spread to the sinuses and even to the bone if left untreated
  • Rotting teeth
  • Excessive swelling
  • Poorly bonded veneers can fall off easily

You may be lucky enough to get a consultation with your Turkish surgeon before you go for your veneers to be fitted. However, these are usually performed over the telephone or through Skype, and can often neglect vital information such as medical history and allergies. For others, the first time you meet your consultant may be the very same day as your procedure, where many are faced with language barriers, leaving them feeling isolated and out of control of the situation.

Although seen as a convenient alternative to private cosmetic dentistry in the UK, the harsh reality is that many Turkish dentistry clinics offer varying levels of experience and technology. This can have dire consequences whether that be immediately or later down the line when you’ve arrived back home.

What you see isn’t always what you get

Unfortunately, despite a number of warnings from The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry about the high risks of dental tourism, thousands of people still opt to make the journey in a bid to gain an affordable smile. So, what can you do to avoid months of pain and suffering at the hands of an untrustworthy cosmetic dental centre in Turkey?

You wouldn’t spend thousands of pounds on a car without doing your research. So why would you head to foreign lands to have a cosmetic procedure without finding everything out about the people doing it? Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Always thoroughly research the clinic, and the consultant doing the procedure before making any contact.
  • Don’t be afraid to call and ask to speak with your consultant to ensure that there is no language barrier and that communication is clear
  • Ask the right questions; what materials do they work with? What qualifications do they have? You can even go the next step and contact the issuing body to verify their claims


Of course, our biggest piece of advice to avoiding disastrous veneers in Turkey, is to have your treatment done in the UK where you are safe and protected under law. Here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier quality at competitive prices, and we invite all of our clients to speak with us at every step of the way to help build a long-lasting relationship.

Great veneers don’t have to cost a small fortune, but are they really worth your health and well-being? Contact Jill today for an informal chat about your specific needs, we would love to help.

Answering some of your most asked questions about dental veneers abroad

Education is at the forefront of what we believe in here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic, and we encourage all of our clients to do their research before committing to any specialist clinic.  To help you be as informed as possible, here we’ve tackled some of your most frequently asked questions about dental veneers abroad.

1. Is it cheaper to get veneers abroad?

Yes – in many cases dental procedures, including veneers are cheaper abroad. However, it’s important to factor in the price of travel and accommodation, as well as money to spend on necessities whilst over there when considering overall price. Typically, veneers procedures done abroad will cost anywhere between 30-50% less than they do here in the UK, and they are often completed much faster, with some getting a brand new smile in as little as 24-hours – so we can certainly see the appeal. We encourage anyone considering veneers to think about the sacrifices that may be being made in order to create the appearance of a brand-new, perfect smile in such a short time frame. Our dental veneers specialists at Harley Street have been working in the industry for a number of years, and we offer our clients a 3-appointment service for brand new veneers from beginning to end. This service includes detailed consultations, bespoke simulations and aftercare to ensure your veneers last for many, many years to come.

Affordability and speed, unfortunately, don’t always equal value and those opting for dental tourism should first consider the ramifications of a rushed, or underqualified procedure taking place.

2. Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey?

There are a number of reasons for why your dental veneers may cost less in Turkey. Firstly, it’s important to note that if something was to go wrong, you’re very unlikely to have the same amount of cover and protection as you would here in the UK.

3. How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

The price of veneers in Turkey really depends on the clinic, qualifications of the specialist and the materials used. Some dental veneers in Turkey can cost as little as £120 – however, with the average UK cost of veneers starting at £400 it is vital to consider what is being sacrificed in order to offer such a procedure at these incredibly low prices.

4. How long do veneers last from Turkey?

Here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic, a set of veneers can last anywhere up to, or exceeding 15 years. This is of course dependant on the levels of care and effort put into maintaining regular dental checkups, however, typically our dental veneers are considered a long-term investment. Dental veneers done in Turkey can often be incredibly short-lived due to the rushed and often under-qualified nature of the work. We have treated countless clients who have come to us for corrective work after having veneers done in Turkey, having found themselves in pain with the natural tooth drilled down to exposed nerves. Shockingly, many of these clients have no idea what type of work they’ve undergone, and what state their natural teeth are in beneath the surface of veneers. Of course, not every cosmetic dentistry clinic in Turkey will be of poor quality, but it’s vital to do your research first to ensure you know who you’re being treated by, and exactly what you can come to expect.



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