Enameloplasty Tooth Reshaping

Our Enameloplasty treatment takes tooth contouring or tooth reshaping to a whole new level. Used precisely we can reshape and sculpt your teeth to make them look smoother, more rounded, or squarer, less overlapped, less protruding, more even, and just generally a whole lot better. See below for some examples of how much this treatment has improved the appearance of our client’s teeth. It’s a very safe and conservative way to make your teeth look straighter and more even. It doesn’t hurt a bit to have it done. But it takes great skill and an eye for detail to know exactly where to reshape your teeth to improve your smile. Our Enameloplasty treatment isn’t just tooth filing. It’s a fine art. The treatment cost depends on the amount of teeth involved, and the number of surface areas to be sculpted. For more information on Enameloplasty cost view our fees page.


Enameloplasty - Harley Street Smile Clinic

Enameloplasty/Tooth Contouring FAQs

  • What will you use to file my teeth?

We use paper disks to file your teeth into shape.

  • Will I get sensitivity after?

You will not get any sensitivity after the tooth contouring. If at any point you feel any sensitivity in a tooth it is at this point that no further contouring would be carried out on that tooth.

  • How is it per tooth?

For up-to-date information on our prices view our fees page.

  • I wear a retainer at night, will this affect it?

You can continue to wear your retainer at night and it will not affect the treatment.

  • Do I need a consultation first?

No you do not have to have a consultation first as we will carry out the treatment quickly and easily on your first visit.

  • Can you provide me with the health impacts of contouring?

There are no health impacts from contouring your teeth.

  • Will my teeth be more vulnerable to decay if they are contoured?

No, your teeth will not be more vulnerable to decay if there are contoured.

  • How will the dentist know when to stop?
Enameloplasty - Harley Street Smile Clinic

The dentist will carry out the treatment very slowly and you can be watching every part of it so that you are sure that the right amount can be taken from your tooth. It is always very minimal but we get guidance from you as to exactly which areas you would like to reshape so that you are happy with the end result. Providing there is zero sensitivity, or impact on the final result, we will aim to contour the teeth to your desire.  We are always happy to guide you in terms of where should be contoured for the optimal result.

For more infromation on our enameloplasty treatment and enameloplasty before and afters please contact us via email or whatsapp us on +07340 890034.



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