Cheryl Cole voted as World’s Best Smile!

In the Daily Mail Femail section today it was reported that Cheryl Cole has been voted as having the world’s best smile!  How proud she must be!  Cheryl used to have crooked teeth, where her lateral incisors were set back and her canine teeth were quite prominent.  Cheryl had porcelain veneers placed on her upper teeth to straighten them (for which we cannot take the credit ) and obviously the results speak for themselves as they look fantastic!


Cheryl Cole Teeth - Harley Street Smile Clinic

We have been asked to make veneers which will look like Cheryl’s many times.  Her teeth are probably the most requested teeth ever! We currently have a lady in and she is wearing temporary veneers in the shape of Cheryl’s.  Hopefully she’ll be happy for us to use her photo’s once her treatment is completed and we can upload them to the website for everyone to see.

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