The smile is the window to the soul

The eyes smile is the window to the soul

A smile is a unique and individual signature that determines how people get to know you and understand your character. No two smiles should ever be the same, and despite the incredible advancements of cosmetic dentistry over the generations, the experts at Harley Street Smile Clinic know that the secret to creating or enhancing your signature grin is to ensure that each treatment, however thorough, always preserves the natural identity of the individual undergoing the procedure.

Beautiful smiles have always been highly sought-after in Hollywood, and the importance of a distinct “realistic” look is paramount. Here are some of our favourite celebrity smiles, and a little about why we love them.

Emma Watson

Fresh-faced intellectual Emma Watson boasts a very subtle look when it comes to her teeth. She rarely flashes them – preferring a ponderous, closed-lipped smile – but the occasional glimpse she provides reveals a lot of character. Discreetly polished, they appear naturally shaped and positioned, and a set of cute pointed canines enhance her youthful, sweet features.

Ryan Gosling

Another A-lister who is very coy about flashing his pearly-whites is Ryan Gosling, his gentle grin coming across as subtle and maybe a little shy. When breaking into a full smile, though, his individuality is highly noticeable. Very slightly wider on the left than the right, his mouth is roguishly asymmetrical and lends his features a charming warmth. Adding to the loveable look is a tiny gap between the incisors and canines on his right side, giving his face a boyishly rugged edge.

Janelle Monáe

Painfully stylish Janelle makes the most of her teeth when being snapped by the paparazzi, and rightly so. Her pert, round mouth shape – reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s – provides the perfect frame for a
wonderful set of glowing white, very straight teeth. Janelle is a particular fan of bold lip colours which perfectly compliment her great smile, and, even when pouting, her lips are often parted just enough to offer a glimpse. It’s a great look.

Dev Patel

Dev has a highly infectious, natural smile, often baring his teeth in unaffected joy. His canines are quite prominent, which renders his look innocent, impish and cheeky as well as highly natural all in one. Dev gives the impression of someone who laughs easily, and boasts a sort of grin that makes you forget your troubles and smile right back.

Meryl Streep

Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep regularly flashes a broad, easy smile that exudes a lovely combination of
huge self-confidence and subtle approachability. Her teeth, while stunningly even and straight, look wonderfully natural and not over-polished or showy. There is something completely unaffected about Meryl’s smile that gives her the air of a kind and understanding confidant, who enjoys the fun side of life.

The key to a gorgeous smile is to enhance the natural properties of your teeth, allowing them to complement your other features in a way that suits you and only you. If you’d like to enhance yours, the best approach is to get a free e-consultation and speak to an expert about what might be best for you. Everyone’s look is different, and that’s truly something to celebrate!

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