What is classed as a clinical need for veneers?

What is classed as a clinical need for veneers?

What is classed as a clinical need for veneers?

So you want veneers? We don’t blame you. They look great.

But do you really need them?

This is the big question, dictating whether you can receive veneers on the NHS or need to fund the treatment yourself. 

Want to be clear on what’s classed as a clinical need for veneers and what’s not? Then keep reading.

What are veneers?

Veneers are a hugely popular cosmetic dental treatment. They work by placing a thin composite or porcelain layer over the surface of a tooth to cover any imperfections below.

Used for whitening, straightening, covering damage and evening out smiles – they’re a great way to remedy problems with appearance. But whilst the treatment is hugely impressive, it’s cosmetic. Veneers don’t repair or strengthen the actual tooth, and it’s this distinction that underpins the reason it’s a procedure rarely offered on the NHS.

Veneers on the NHS

You don’t need us to tell you budgets within the NHS are tight, so you won’t be surprised to hear that simply being unhappy with the look of your teeth isn’t enough of a reason for treatment costs to be covered.

As a notoriously expensive procedure (just one composite veneer costs several hundred pounds and you can expect to pay much more for porcelain), it’s no shock that the basic rule for veneers to be funded on the NHS is that there has to be a proven clinical need.

So what is a clinical need for veneers?

A clinical need for veneers is when they are regarded as a ‘necessary’ treatment. Examples of this include:

  • Functional issues – chips or damage to teeth that cause pain or prevent the normal function of the mouth.
  • To restore oral health – if the condition of teeth is causing a deterioration of teeth and gums.

However, eligibility is still based on the severity of the problem and the availability of an alternative, more cost-effective solution.

The NHS would likely explore alternatives, such as dental crowns or composite bonding, before going down the veneer route. 

What is not classed as a clinical need for veneers?

When the need for veneers is driven by aesthetics.

For example, if you’d like veneers because your teeth are stained or yellowing, uneven, or you hate smiling because you show too much gum. 

All of these reasons – although entirely valid and liable to cause emotional pain and anguish – don’t cause any dental pain or impact the functionality of your mouth or oral health. So, seeking treatment through the NHS is likely to be unsuccessful.    

Thankfully, when it comes to seeking private help, there are no restrictions in place or boxes to tick.

Benefits of private treatment

Veneer treatment can have a hugely beneficial impact on mental health and self-esteem, transforming the way you think and feel about yourself and your smile. So whilst you might not qualify for veneers through the NHS based on clinical need, they could still be a hugely beneficial treatment path for you.

And the good news is, opt for veneers through private dental care and there are numerous advantages. Including:

  • Faster treatment

Use a private practice like the Smile Clinic and you won’t have lengthy waiting lists to contend with. Treatment is fast, efficient, and booked at your convenience!

  • No limits

Veneer treatment funded by the NHS will only cover the absolute minimum – it’s highly unlikely you’d get a full set. In contrast, with a private procedure, you’re in complete control. Under expert guidance, you can decide how many teeth have veneers, to ensure you enjoy optimum results and achieve a balanced, natural-looking smile.

  • Fully customised treatment

From the exact type of veneer, the colour and the quantity, with private veneer treatment you’ll benefit from fully bespoke treatment, tailored to your exact wishes and the smile you hope to achieve.

Financing private treatment for veneers

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The only sticking point for some patients is concerns about financing treatment.

Thankfully, you’re in the right place. Here at the Smile Clinic, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile and aim to make our fees as competitive as possible. Visit our fees page to find out approximately how much veneers cost in London or contact the team for a personalised quote.

We have a range of finance deals available and offer free simulations before you commit to anything – so you can see exactly the results you can hope to achieve with treatment.

As the first choice for veneers in London, we have patients across the city. But such is our reputation for excellence, we attract clients from across the UK. So, if you’re unhappy with your smile and think veneers could be the solution, don’t let the fact you don’t tick the NHS’s ‘clinical’ requirements put you off. Your need for veneers is still valid and we can help.

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