Unique Celebrity Smiles We Love

At Harley Street Smile Clinic, we know that the most beautiful smiles are the ones that allow your personality to shine through. However polished a person’s image may be, if they lose those little quirks that identify them as an individual, they might just be in danger of losing what makes them special. We’ve selected some of our very favourite celebrities who each set an example of how we should all embrace what makes us unique.

  1. Brad Pitt

Twice winner of PEOPLE magazine’s ”Sexiest Man Alive” accolade, Pitt may be experiencing some upheaval in his personal life at present, but a critically lauded performance in David Michôd’s War Machine suggests that things may just be back on the up. We love his smile not just because of the beautifully even and shimmering white teeth it reveals, but also because the shape of those pearly whites seems natural, and the cheeky lips-not-quite-closed grin he likes to flash is charmingly asymmetrical, easily affording him a roguish charm that has lasted for decades.

Zendaya teeth - Harley Street Smile Clinic

  1. Zendaya

Young, precocious and multitalented, singer, actress and activist Zendaya has everything in the world going for her. She rarely shows her teeth when she smiles – and why would you if you had such luscious and full lips? – but when she does, it only serves to enhance her personality. It seems that Zendaya has undergone very little cosmetic dentistry, which is understandable considering her young age, and so her teeth aren’t immaculately straight and even, though they certainly appear white and healthy. This gives her a sweet and devilish look, and comes across as yet another example of her powerful and personal campaign for women of all backgrounds to be accepted as who they are.

Tom Holland teeth - Harley Street Smile Clinci

  1. Tom Holland

Another young high-achiever is the latest Spider-Man, dancer and actor Tom Holland. A real charmer with an honest and open face, Holland is another youngster who hasn’t opted for a major makeover when it comes to his smile. His teeth appear even and straight, which he seems rightly proud of as he regularly bares them in a broad grin. We reckon he’s had braces, which have allowed him to achieve this look as naturally as possible, but has passed on the whitening and reshaping, meaning that he retains a look that isn’t artificial and features some nice quirks, such as a pointy little canine on the left.

4. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet’s smile is fabulous purely because it is pretty much flawless! Pearly but without any unnatural white glow, her teeth are expertly shaped, and she knows how to flaunt them. Rarely seen without a striking lipstick in pillar box red, Winslet knows that drawing attention to her broad cupid’s bow accentuates her full lips and big, sassy smile. Go bold like Kate if you love your smile and want everyone to know it!

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