5 Celebrities Smiles to Die For!

Celebrities spend a great deal of time cultivating their images – from hairstyles to wardrobes to the brands with which they are associated. The detail with which their lives are shaped is incredible, but the effects are profound, and many people are often inspired to find ways in which they can look and live like their heroes. One particular enhancement that makes a huge difference to a person’s image – but is also easily and quickly achievable – is adjusting and enhancing a smile. Cosmetic dentistry is par for the course in Hollywood, but it’s also something that is easily within reach for everyone, celebrity or not!

At the Harley Street Smile Clinic, we like to keep an eye on our favourite celebrities and see how their lovely smiles allow their confidence and their individual personalities to shine through, so that we can then deliver the same gorgeous standard of results to our clients. Take a look at some of our top celebrity smiles below.

Halle Berry

Oscar-winner Halle Berry is very lucky to have been blessed with wonderfully intense eyes, which bestow a focussed, transfixing element to her smile. Though this means she rarely needs to rely on her teeth to command attention, when she flashes them, they’re a real joy to behold. Perfectly even and gently rounded, their amazing whiteness affords her subtle and earnest grin a lovely pop. Halle has a penchant for nude lip colours, which is a great choice as it allows her glittering teeth the opportunity to shine.

Cheryl Cole

It can be easy to be distracted from Cheryl’s smile by the soft, dulcet Geordie tones issuing from behind it, but the owner of one of the most beautiful voices in UK celebrity culture also boasts a pretty fantastic set of teeth to match! Cheryl has a beautiful pixie-like pointed chin, and the curve of her mouth naturally follows this line, meaning her lips are gently upturned and always ready to break into a joyful and classy smile. Her teeth are a lovely shape and because they are not too small, her grin is naturally wide, open and friendly. Their subtle whiteness stands out beautifully against her signature smoky-eyed makeup and balances her look perfectly.

Elle MacPherson

Her nickname may be “The Body”, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook The Teeth! Ageless Elle MacPherson has a prominent and glorious smile that doesn’t seem to need much prompting to burst into life. There is a real sweetness of character about her features, and her very broad grin adds a sense of fun innocence to the mix. Her gorgeous white teeth have been very subtly shaped, and while they are lovely and even, they still appear nice and natural. Like Halle Berry, Elle has been a long-time lover of nude lipsticks and glosses, as her warm dark eyes and big sparkling smile need very little extra enhancement to complete her striking look.

Julia Roberts

It’s difficult to witness Julia Roberts’ smile and not come away wearing one yourself. Her fantastic mouth is probably her most distinctive feature, and the delicate shape of her lips clearly frames her set of beautifully shaped teeth. Over-whitening would be detrimental to her already bold look, so Julia has maintained the colour of her teeth perfectly, resulting in them looking both natural and well-cared for. She clearly knows what suits her, even down to her smile!

Michelle Keegan

If anyone has the right to smile a lot this year, it’s Michelle Keegan. With her career skyrocketing, it’s no wonder that she takes every opportunity she can to flash a little grin. Another dark-haired beauty, Michelle’s smile is small, sweet and subtle, her love of peachy colours accentuating the look of her plump lips, which she chooses to part just enough to allow the fantastic whiteness of her teeth to glow through. Perfectly shaped and very straight, her smile exudes a quiet confidence that is well-deserved.

The celebrities in this article know the kind of smile that suits them and compliments their other features perfectly. Find your own celebrity confidence by getting a free e-consultation with Harley Street Smile Clinic straight away.

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