Treatments for a gummy smile

Gummy smile treatments Treatments for a gummy smile

Do you always close your mouth when smiling for photos because you’re conscious of your gummy smile?

It’s a common concern, but help is available.  There are several procedures that can help to improve the look of a gummy smile.  Determining which treatment is right for you largely depends on the amount of gum showing when you smile, and how much you’d like to reduce that by. 

Speak to one of our expert dentists today for a free consultation to determine the ideal treatment for you.  You’ll even get to see a free simulation of the results we can achieve.

Here are the treatments currently available on the market for gummy smiles – we’ve detailed what you can expect during each procedure, and which candidates each treatment would be suitable for.


Injections for gummy smile

If you’re not sure about the idea of going under the knife, or you’d like a more temporary measure to decide if you’re happy before undergoing surgery, botulinum toxin A injections might be for you.

More commonly known as botox, this procedure takes less than an hour to perform.  It works by temporarily paralysing the elevator muscles around your upper lip.  This means that when you smile, your lip will not raise dramatically, exposing your gums.  Botox is a good option for those people whose gummy smile is caused by hyperactive lip muscles.

There are minimal side-effects and downtime associated with this procedure, but the results provided by botox usually only last around three to four months.  So, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, read on.

Orthodontics to improve gum line

Sometimes, excessive displays of gum when smiling can be caused by orthodontic issues involving the jaws or teeth.  If this is the case, the problem can sometimes be fixed using orthodontic appliances to move the bite to a better position.  This in turn makes the gums appear less prominent. 

Not all gummy smiles are caused by orthodontic problems though.  Book a free consultation with one of our highly experienced dentists to find out whether yours is.  If it isn’t, then one of the following procedures will give you better results.


Gum contouring for gummy smile

Here at Harley Street Smile Clinic, we use gum contouring to eliminate excess gum tissue.  This is also known as crown lengthening and can improve the look of uneven gum lines or gummy smiles.

This would be the most suitable treatment for you if you need less than two millimetres of gum removing.  It’s often done in conjunction with veneers to create a result that you’ll be proud of.  We call this our gummy smile makeover, and it’s one of our most popular treatments.

The whole procedure is quick and easy – in fact, it shouldn’t take more than 90 minutes.  We use a laser to contour your gums, moving the gumline higher up and exposing more tooth.  This gives the permanent appearance of a less gummy smile. 

There may be a small amount of swelling for a few days afterwards, but after a week it should have fully subsided, causing the gums to shrink further.  Any pain should be minimal and is easily managed with ibuprofen. 

If you’d like to prevent more than a couple of millimetres of gum from being on display, then a surgical gum lift would be required. 

Gummy Smile Makeovers

Surgical gum lift

If you need more than a couple of millimetres of gum removing, our laser gum contouring might not be the best option for you.  In this case, we would recommend a surgical gum lift.  This involves removing bone and gum tissue to reshape your smile. 

A surgical gum lift is performed by making an incision in the gum tissue with a scalpel. The surgeon will remove or graft bone and gum tissue as needed, in order to give the gums the ideal shape and size.

The healing time for a surgical gum lift is usually around three to four months, but with results that will last a lifetime, it’s a small price to pay.

Send us a photo of your teeth

If you’re unsure which treatment would be right for you, simply send a photo of your teeth to [email protected] and request your gummy smile makeover simulation.  If you have any questions, call 020 7971 1909 to speak to a member of our team. 

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