Cosmetic Dentistry Issues Your Favourite Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know About

Reading magazines and watching the news today, it’s virtually impossible to spot an imperfection in the smile of any of your favourite artists or entertainers. This is due to the unprecedented rise in the use of dental cosmetics among celebrities – however, this is one thing they have that pretty much anyone can achieve! Take a look at a few of the treatments these famous faces have undergone, and see how you can get the same results.

George Clooney
The jet-set life of a lauded performer married to a high-flying barrister may seem idyllic, but it can be stressful too, as is apparent in Mr Clooney’s habit of grinding his teeth. It’s something that many of us do, but the resulting damage is something that can easily be fixed – as the wear and tear on Clooney’s teeth was when he opted for a lovely set of porcelain veneers. It’s a straightforward treatment for anyone with worn or chipped teeth.

Zac Efron
As a young boy, Efron sported some pretty adorably “gappy teeth” – lovely for a cherubic kid, but not the look he was after as an All-American teenage heartthrob! Prior to his life-changing casting in High School Musical, Efron had the gap between his teeth closed – most likely using a couple of porcelain veneers on his front incisors – then had the rest of them whitened.

Demi Moore
Known as a core member of the “Brat Pack” – the group of young actors who starred in a range of hugely popular teen movies in the 80s, Demi Moore was guaranteed lifelong success. However, her teeth began to betray the rest of her youthful look as they aged and became stained. Moore also opted for porcelain veneers, suggesting that the staining was intrinsic. Discoloured teeth caused by extrinsic staining, due to drinking too much coffee or smoking, can be improved with simple whitening, but the intrinsic type, such as tetracycline staining (resulting from a type of antibiotic) or fluorosis, usually require the use of veneers.

Miley Cyrus
The outspoken and rebellious young singer boasted a cute smile in her youth, complete with slightly crooked teeth that offered her a great deal of Disney Channel appeal – making her seem very relatable. However, as she grew into a fully-fledged performer within the polished world of pop, Cyrus made the decision to have her teeth straightened and whitened – again, most likely through use of veneers and whitening.

All the problems listed above are really straightforward to solve, as has been proven by our chosen celebrities! The thing is, you don’t need a celebrity budget to achieve this. Simply call the Harley Street Smile Clinic today on 020 7486 6777 and request a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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