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    How much do veneers cost?

    The cost of cosmetic veneers depends on the exact number of veneers that you need and any supplementary treatments that you decide to have. It also varies greatly from clinic to clinic.

    Here at Harley Street, we strive to price our services as competitively as possible and our porcelain veneers are currently available for as little as £795 per tooth (inclusive of VAT). We also offer a range of veneer payment plans, therefore making them an affordable, viable option for all of our clients.

    How flexible are your payment plans?

    We believe that everyone should be entitled to create their ‘perfect’ smile – which is why we now offer a range of porcelain veneers finance options for all of our clients. You can spread the cost across a 1-5 year period and, dependent on the specific number of veneers and treatments that you have, it is possible to make your dream smile a reality for less than £100 a month.

    Am I eligible for veneers on finance?

    In order to qualify for our veneer finance options, you must be:

    • Aged 18 or over, with a clean credit history
    • In full-time employment or have an alternative means of income
    • A permanent UK resident, with a UK address history that spans the last 3 years

    Before you book your first appointment, it is possible to find out if you would be approved for our veneer payment plans. Just give our team a quick call and they will talk you through the application in a few minutes. Once the decision has been made (typically within an hour or two), we will get back in touch and you can take that first step towards getting your dream picture-perfect smile.

    Get in Touch

    If you would like to find out more about veneers on finance and the different types of veneer currently available at our clinic, please feel free to get in touch on 020 7971 1909 or by filling in our online enquiry form today to communicate with and learn more from one of our experienced team members here at our clinic.

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