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tooth reshaping and dental contouring london

Tooth Contouring (Enameloplasty)

This treatment is amazing.  Smiles have been transformed in 45 minutes with some simple tooth reshaping.  Completely pain free, and the most conservative of cosmetic treatments, this skill has been perfected by our dentists with their incredible eye for detail.  They can see in a flash how some simple filing, if performed in the right area, can transform your smile.  Our clients are so often astounded by the results.  It can be done in your lunch hour, and you won’t even go back to work numb! We provide free imaging of this treatment so send a photo of your teeth to and request your tooth contouring simulation.

Enameloplasty is a treatment more commonly referred to as tooth contouring or reshaping of teeth. Tooth reshaping at Harley Street Smile Clinic involves careful adjustment to your teeth to create more harmonious shapes and sizes to enhance your smile.

Tooth reshaping is where we contour or file a tooth into a slightly better shape to make it look better. The tips of your teeth can often be a little out of shape, or one tooth is a little longer than another, and filing the tip slightly, can improve the appearance of your tooth, and in some cases – the whole look of your smile. Canine teeth which are more pointed in shape can be rounded off or shortened.  Uneven lower teeth can be filed along the tips to make them appear to be more level by filing them in such a way that your eye is not drawn to their uneven heights. There so many adjustments that can be made to improve your smile.

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