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Dental Stain Removal

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Veneers to remove Dental Stains
Veneers to remove Dental Stains

Teeth Stain Removal

Everyone is very excited here at Harley Street Smile Clinic as we are now in possession of the most exciting dental equipment which has the amazing ability to blast away the stains on your teeth. Whether you’re a serious coffee drinker or smoker, those types of stains can be shifted in seconds! If you are considering whitening your teeth then having this done first will enhance the results of the whitening from the very beginning.

Usually whitening treatments are battling through stains first before they start bleaching your teeth whiter so the results aren’t always great. Combining the Stain Blaster with our powerful home whitening treatment your teeth will be bright white and stain free in no time!

This treatment is only available with the Mini Smile Makeover.

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