What is a Mini Smile Makeover?

Everyone should be able to look in the mirror or at photographs of themselves and be able to enjoy their own smiles. If this isn’t the case then a Mini Smile Makeover at Harley St Smile can help you towards achieving an improved smile.

The team here believe that everybody deserves to have confidence in their own set of teeth. With our combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments, the Mini Smile Makeover, we will give all our patients a smile worth showing off.

Our Mini Smile Makeover is a quick and simple way to enhance your smile. In just one hour you will have a bright, gleaming smile to be proud of. The three treatments which combine to create the Mini Smile Makeover are all performed by a professional cosmetic dentist.

Remove Teeth Stains

Firstly, we blast away any stains from your teeth with our state-of-the-art tooth polisher. This process takes only a few seconds and can remove red wine, coffee and tobacco stains amongst many others. Without the stain removal to begin your treatment, the effects of the second stage Teeth Whitening process will be negated due to the bleaching having to work through the stains before any whitening can occur. By using the tooth polisher, we allow our teeth whitening stage to be even more successful.

Teeth Whitening

Stage two of the Mini Smile Makeover is whitening your teeth. We use a gel system from the US which is both safe and extremely effective. At the maximum strength (6% hydrogen peroxide) our teeth whitening gels provide a shining, white smile. After being fitted with a custom gum shield by our dental professional, all you have to do is squeeze some gel into your tray and pop them in for an hour or so per day. Over a two-week period, your teeth will get brighter and bright each day, although for a more instantaneous teeth whitening result you can choose the laser whitening option with your smile makeover.

Tooth Reshaping

The final part of the Mini Smile Makeover is the subtle contouring of your teeth to even out your smile. This painless part of the makeover process fine-tunes your smile to improve the length, shape and size of your teeth to create smoother and more symmetrical smile. This detailed teeth reshaping it a fantastic way to round off your Mini Smile Makeover and to change any elements of an individual tooth or a group of teeth that you do not like.

With the combination of these three cosmetic dentistry treatments, you will leave the Harley St Smile feeling confident and ready to show your smile off to the world. Priced at £795 and interest free finance options are available.

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