Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

When you feel it’s time to give your smile an overhaul, it can be very difficult to decide upon the procedure that totally suits your requirements – simply because there is just so much on offer! Luckily, the cosmetic dentistry specialists at Harley Street Smile Clinic are also highly experienced consultants within their field, and are here to let you know the benefits of the following procedure types, and how they can be best put to use.

  1. Whitening

Probably the simplest of all treatments, a stand-alone course of whitening is perfect for those who suffer from extrinsic tooth staining (this is discolouration that affects only the surface of the tooth) but are generally happy with the shape and placement of their teeth. Many dentists offer these treatments on an appointment basis, but another simple option is to undergo home-whitening – though it is still beneficial to purchase your kit from a dental specialists as this way you can be certain to receive the highest quality equipment. Whitening can also be used to complement a number of other cosmetic procedures.

  1. Veneers

An extremely popular element of cosmetic dentistry comes in the form of tooth veneers. Usually fashioned from porcelain, a veneer is a layer covering the front surface of the tooth, shaped to the preference of the recipient. Dental technology has enjoyed massive advances in recent years, allowing veneers to be perfectly detailed and naturally sculpted, the porcelain layer thin and subtle but still highly durable. Veneers can be used to disguise intrinsic staining (this is discolouration that affects the whole body of the tooth, often caused by the likes of fluorosis and tetracycline staining) as well as straightening out the appearance of uneven teeth or rejuvenating chipped or worn ones, and can even be shaped to close gaps.

  1. Bridges and Crowns

As opposed to veneers, crowns encapsulate the entire tooth and are suitable for teeth that are more badly damaged or broken, or have extensive fillings. Crowns often require some of the existing tooth to be removed, but are hugely effective and just as natural-looking as veneers. Bridges are perfect for individuals with one or more missing teeth. Anchored to the tooth on either side of the gap, a bridge is a strong and well-supported means of replacing your missing teeth and completing your smile once again.

  1. Gum Resculpting and Tooth Reshaping

If you consider your teeth too small or your smile too “gummy”, your chosen cosmetic dentist can easily assist you. If you wish to reduce the gum line by mere millimetres, the procedure usually involves the minor use of a soft tissue laser under local anaesthetic, healing almost immediately. If you have a larger amount of gum you would like removing, this can involve a little more recovery time and a few stitches. Lasers can also be used to contour teeth, as can highly sophisticated drill technology. This approach is excellent for those with slightly chipped teeth, or teeth that are uneven in size and require minor adjustments. Both of these treatments work extremely well alongside whitening – particularly gum resculpting, as the tooth below the pre-existing gum-line can often appear discoloured at first.

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