The TOWIE Smile Phenomenon

Think back to the days before the reality TV explosion; it was almost unheard of for celebrities to talk about any cosmetic procedures they’d undergone. Their “people” wanted the public to think they were just perfect naturally, even if it was the kind of perfect that made parts of their body change seemingly overnight.

Now, things are a little different, and the cast of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ are prime examples of this shift – they’re all so proud of their smile makeovers that they’re only too happy to tell everyone all about them. Whether talking about their cosmetic dentistry procedures in interviews or sharing their experiences with their impressive followings on Twitter, they’re completely at ease discussing their work and answering questions. Having performed the work in question, we find this openness very refreshing.

Obviously, we’re ecstatic whenever any of our patients are happy with our work and discuss it with their friends, family, blog readers and social network, but we’ve really found that thanks to the TOWIE cast, patients are coming to us better informed. They now know what they want, in terms of the shape, size and colouring of their teeth, sometimes saying that they want their smile to look like that of a certain cast member.

Although all our smile makeovers are completely unique, tailoring the process to each patient, having this information to hand is a massive help for us. The more informed the patient is, the more accurate we can make their new smile and, having treated a number of members of the cast including Jessica Wright, Lauren Pope , Chloe Sims and Frankie Essex, we really do know what it takes to create that perfect Essex smile.

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