The pros and cons of dental veneers

The pros and cons of dental veneers The pros and cons of dental veneers

Deliberating over dental veneers? Weighing up the cost versus the benefits? Troubled by tales of botched jobs or scarily white teeth but compelled by the promise of a more attractive smile?


The Harley Street Smile Clinic is here to help. Starting by taking an honest look at the pros and cons of this much-debated treatment.

Pros of dental veneers

Fast fix for problems

Chipped a tooth? Teeth showing signs of wear or fed up with feeling self-conscious about an overlapping or uneven smile? Veneers offer a quick and highly effective solution for all manner of dental concerns. Everything from cracks, gaps, and misalignment can be remedied. With treatment typically completed within just two 90-minute appointments, they are a fast yet highly effective and long-term solution.

Replace damaged enamel

Problems with tooth enamel? Everything from heavy-handed brushing to an overly acidic diet can impact the enamel on your teeth and cause it to erode – leaving teeth exposed and sensitive. Fitting dental veneers over the surface adds an additional layer of protection, providing a barrier to help to shield teeth from further harm.


Smoking and rich diets are all guilty of contributing to surface stains and teeth naturally yellow over time.  

Yes, whitening toothpaste and home whitening kits can all help but for the most impressive results, veneers are a fantastic way to lighten a smile. Not only do they hide imperfections and instantly brighten a smile’s appearance, but they are also remarkably stain-resistant, providing long-term results.


Branded as a cosmetic ‘dental procedure’, some people can be put off veneers, concerned about invasive treatment, pain, and discomfort. But rest assured, veneers are virtually pain-free! Modern techniques and state-of-the-art technology mean that you should experience little-to-no discomfort. The most that will be required is a small amount of local anaesthetic, but you should be able to return to work straight away.


Wear braces and teeth can shift back over time without the upkeep of a retainer. Whiten teeth and they will eventually soon lose their sheen and need re-whitening. But with veneers, you get lasting results without the ongoing maintenance.

Cons of dental veneers

Veneers cost

There’s no point beating about the bush – veneers come with a significant price tag attached. However, it’s important to assess the expense fully and evaluate exactly what it is you’re getting for your money before dismissing the idea.

As with any purchase, it’s essential to shop around. Do your research and look for a cosmetic dentist who comes highly recommended, with a proven track record for offering quality service and a fair price.

Whilst veneers are pricey, done right they are worth every penny. Offering years (between 15-20 if well cared for) of enjoyment. Many clinics offer finance deals to help spread the cost and make payments more manageable.

And don’t forget – whilst it’s always advisable to follow professional recommendations, you don’t have to have a full set of veneers. You can just cover your most problematic area, which will reduce the cost.


Some people report problems with increased tooth sensitivity after having veneers fitted. Whilst this is relatively common, it is usually only an issue for the first few days after the treatment. Any sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures will soon settle down.


To ensure a perfect fit, it is necessary to shave a small amount of tooth enamel from the surface of each tooth. Once this enamel has been removed, it can’t be replaced, which means dental veneers are an irreversible treatment. But when the results look so great, why would you want to go back to your natural tooth anyway?


Dental veneers are highly sought after but we’ve already acknowledged that they also involve a significant outlay, which is why it’s easy to fall into the trap of going for the cheapest price.

There are hundreds of offers flooding the internet proclaiming cheap veneers, making it hard to separate the credible providers from the cowboys. Our best advice is to be wary if an offer seems too good to be true and always, ALWAYS, do your research.

Dental veneers with a team you can trust

As leading providers of veneers in London, our reputation extends far beyond the capital, and we provide cosmetic dental procedures for clients up and down the country.

With convenient e-consultations available, we will happily assess your smile for free. Offering our expert opinion on the type – and extent – of veneer treatment required to achieve your desired look.

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