Spring clean your smile with a smile makeover

Spring clean your smile makeover Spring clean your smile with a smile makeover

Spring has definitely sprung. And with it come reports that the average Brit spends around ten days a year cleaning – 237 hours!

One in three claims to do so because it makes them feel happier, eases anxiety, and helps to reduce stress. So it comes as no surprise that engaging in an annual ‘spring’ clean remains a popular tradition. Really bottoming out the housework, decluttering life, and nailing that cleaning ‘to do’ list, not only results in a tidy home but in a tidy mind too.

And if cleaning the house can make you feel this good, just imagine how great you could feel if your smile was spic and span too.

At the Harley Street Smile Clinic, we can’t shout loudly enough about the positive effects cosmetic dental treatments can have on confidence and self-esteem. Which is why, this March, we’re encouraging everyone to focus a little time and energy on themselves too. Why restrict spring cleaning to the house? Put down the duster and invest in a personal ‘refresh’ too with a smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover?

You’ve heard of fashion makeovers, house makeovers – even gardens get a look in – so why not a smile makeover? A little TLC and restoration work for your teeth, to help restore your smile back to its full glory.

Smile makeover treatments

·         Mini smile makeover

Fast results with minimal fuss are what this treatment is all about. As our signature treatment at the Smile Clinic, the mini smile makeover is a must for anyone looking for impressive results without the need to commit too much time – or money!

Injection and pain-free, the procedure includes highly efficient stain blasting treatment to remove stains. Achieved by firing a mix of water, fine powder particles, and compressed air at the surface of each tooth to gently polish away signs of staining. Effective alone but even more so when combined with our professional home whitening kit. Which, used over 14 days, will further lift and brighten your smile, restoring its youthful radiance.

Also included in this treatment is subtle tooth reshaping, whereby any imperfections are delicately smoothed away to create a more balanced, attractive-looking smile.  Fast, effective, and pain-free, this is the perfect spring clean for any smile.

·         Full smile makeover

Think your smile requires more help? Concerns over chipped, worn, or crooked teeth? Then you could benefit from a full smile makeover.

On top of whitening your natural teeth, a full makeover goes further than the mini by typically involving one or more of our dental procedures – such as porcelain veneers or composite bonding. The most appropriate option for you will be assessed by our experienced team and applied to your most problematic teeth, or those you reveal when smiling.

Whilst this treatment is more involved and takes a little longer to complete, it is still virtually pain-free and a financially sound choice. And the effects can be enjoyed for many years, with the average set of veneers lasting for more than 15 years.

·         Gummy smile makeover

Concerned your teeth look too short? Hate the amount of gum on show when you smile? Then it’s time to consider a gummy smile makeover.

Combined with the whitening and tooth contouring included as part of all our smile makeovers, in just one 90-minute visit, our team of expert cosmetic dentists will also sculpt and remove excess gum tissue, raising the gum line and evening out your smile.

Book a smile makeover

Decided it’s time to deep clean your teeth? Want to feel the thrill and confidence that comes with a smile you’re truly proud to show off. Then talk to The Smile Clinic.

Specialising in smile makeovers, we are leaders in a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. To book an appointment, or to discuss any of our treatments in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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