Porcelain Veneers: The way to a gleaming smile

Porcelain Veneers: The way to a gleaming smile

The popularity of veneers never seems to wane, rendering them one of the more well-known elements of cosmetic dentistry – often thought of in connection with stars of the film and music industry. Invented in the roaring 20s to change the appearance of celebrities’ teeth for a short period of time – usually while they shot a movie – the science behind the veneer has advanced at an extraordinary rate over the decades since.

A veneer consists of a fine layer of dental porcelain covering the surface of a tooth, and is no longer the simple short-term fix it once was. Veneers do not exist simply to create an unrealistically white, uniform smile, though they are regularly used to make teeth appear brighter, naturally whiter, neater and more even. The range of problems that can be solved using this hard-wearing, long-lasting solution is surprisingly comprehensive.

At the Harley Street Smile Clinic, all our veneers in London are crafted by hand to be discreet and symmetrical. The material used is incredibly thin to ensure that the difference is in the appearance rather than the feel. Veneer treatments are very quick and simple to administer, with the average process requiring only two visits to the dentist and the application of between four and ten veneers. Because each smile is unique, good dentists always offer a very flexible approach, allowing their service users to decide for themselves how many teeth they would like treated, and to determine the look they would like their veneers to help them achieve.

The usual number applied is between four and ten, but the choice is entirely down to the recipient. In just ninety minutes per session on average, dental imperfections such as crooked, uneven, chipped, gapped, protruding or discoloured teeth can be quickly solved in a way that looks and feels completely natural. The confidence that comes with having a smile you are happy with is something that can really make a difference to someone’s personal and social life, and the advanced techniques used in cosmetic dentistry today mean that the process is pain-free, with no-fuss. Veneer recipients are able to return to work or go about their day-to-day lives virtually immediately. Local anaesthetic is only necessary on rare occasions and creates no more discomfort than a minor scratch.

If you are interested in discussing whether veneers are right for you, the best approach is always to get a free consultation with your dentist before you resolve to go ahead with treatment, just so you can make an informed decision about how many teeth you would like treated, and find out further details.  The practitioners at Harley Street Smile Clinic are experts in cosmetic dentistry, and will only go ahead with fitting your porcelain veneers once an agreement has been reached and they are confident that this particular approach is the best solution to your requirements. A brand new smile can be life-changing, and, with unprecedented advances in dental technology in recent years, you can rest assured that porcelain veneers will make a lasting, hard-wearing difference to your smile.

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