Picking the right cosmetic dental treatment for your smile

Picking the right cosmetic dental treatment for your smile Picking the right cosmetic dental treatment for your smile

Unhappy with your smile? Know you want to do something about it but not quite sure what, or who to turn to? Let the team at Harley Street Smile Clinic help.

These days cosmetic dentistry is everywhere, and the list of possible treatments is endless. Veneers, crowns, tooth reshaping, whitening – to name just a few – all vie for attention and promise to transform your smile. So how do you know which one to pick?

The truth is you don’t. How can you? Unless you’re a cosmetic dentist that is. Which is why you should involve the help of a professional from the moment you decide you want to invest in treatment. Backed by specialist advice and guidance, you can be confident you’re picking the right path to truly perfect your smile.

Let the experts help

Knowing exactly what’s right for your smile and identifying which treatment is going to offer you the best outcome can be tricky. Many procedures offer similar end results but the treatments themselves are very different. The decision needs to be based on the current condition of your teeth, along with a number of other factors, and it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise.

That said, they are your teeth, and you should be in control of what happens at all times. So, the key here is to ensure you take time to fully consider exactly what it is you want to achieve. Are you hoping to straighten your teeth, lighten them, hide chips or reduce the appearance of gums? With a clear picture of what you are hoping for from the finished look, you can then discuss all the options open to you with a cosmetic dentist. And together, you can decide on the most appropriate course of action to achieve those results.

What we do

As part of the service offered from the Smile Clinic, you can expect us to:

  • Talk to you – we take the time to really get to know our clients. We aim to put you at ease and get to the bottom of exactly what it is you dislike about your current smile. And what you want from your cosmetic dental treatment.
  • Suggest possibilities – after listening to you and studying images of your smile, we will talk through all the options available to you. Understanding exactly what’s involved and what outcome you can expect from different procedures, can help to narrow down the right cosmetic dentistry for you.
  • Show you results – want to know what you’d look like post-treatment? No problem. Here at the Smile Clinic, we understand the importance of investing in your smile and offer a free smile simulation service. Equipped with a photo of your upper and lower teeth, simply let us know what you’d like to change about your smile and we can imitate how you will look with different treatments. Giving you complete confidence you are making the right choice. Why not take a look at our smile gallery too and view case studies of recent work that has been carried out?

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Need a hand deciding on your cosmetic dental treatment? We’re ready when you are!

Why not get in touch today and book a consultation with the team? Together we can decide on the best procedure and start taking steps to ensure you realise your vision of a perfect smile that is natural, beautiful and uniquely you.

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