Posted 16th January 2019

Missing lateral Incisors

We just love cases like this… This is one of the most difficult cases to correct. A missing lateral incisor (the 2nd tooth) is a very common case, and almost impossible to make look perfect. Having a lateral incisor that didn’t come through, causes a gap and asymmetry in your smile. If you had braces when you were younger to close the gap of this missing tooth, the asymmetry would still not have been corrected, so as a result, things never look quite right. Using veneers, we can try to create the illusion of that tooth not being missing at all. Reshaping the teeth a little bit here and a little bit there, placing veneers on the upper 6 teeth along with a 2 tooth bridge we can disguise this asymmetry as much as possible. Not perfectly, but most people would never notice where those imperfections lie. That is the beauty of cosmetic dentistry, which when done really well, can transform your smile. This beautiful girl Poppy was already stunning before we worked our magic on her teeth, but I know just how much better she feels about her smile now. And she’s over the moon with the results.
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