Invisible Braces & Cosmetic Bonding


Invisalign is the most sophisticated orthodontic system in the world. It gives you the ability to see your final smile before you even start the treatment with your own personal simulation. This gives you the control to change and design your final smile together with us, meaning we are working towards the shared vision. With Invisalign teeth are moved in as quick as 4-6 months with no pain and no need for injections, making them look lovely and straight and without gaps. The Invisalign aligners are very discrete and therefore almost invisible from a social distance but can be removed at any point meaning they can work around your social calendar.

Dr Shivam our Invisalign dentist believes in the system so much that he will be soon starting his own Invisalign journey to improve his crowded lower teeth. We are also excited to announce that very soon we will be getting our own iTero scanner meaning we will have no need to take any impressions, allowing you to instantly see a straight teeth simulation.

Price: £2995 for upper arch only or £3995 for upper and lower arches
Duration: 30 min appointments monthly for 4-6 months
Finance available at £62.90 and £83.90 respectively*
*Based on finance over 60 months at 9.9% apr.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a fantastic and minimally invasive way of improving your smile. It involves carefully sculpting tooth coloured material around your tooth to achieve the desired shape and look. This allows you to change your smile entirely often in a single visit, without the need for anaesthetic or tooth reshaping. Composite bonding will typically last 5-7 years before it needs repolishing or replacing and can easily be maintained by simply adding more material if it chips or breaks.

Price: £495 per tooth

Combining both treatments can create amazing results. See below which was achieved in just 4 months.

To perfect results even further Gum Sculpting can be carried free of charge to finalise your new look.

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