How to Save Your Smile

How to Save Your Smile

So many people give up on their teeth, and that’s something that is very easy to understand! From a young age, we’re taught about the importance of brushing at least twice a day, staying away from sugary drinks and coffee, not smoking, not eating too many sweets, and yet – even if we manage to magically avoid all the temptations that we’ve been warned about, age and stress can turn our teeth from beautifully even and pearly white to chipped, yellowed and crooked.

An automatic reaction to a tense situation is to grind your teeth; a huge number of people even do it in their sleep. Also, accidents happen. We do all sorts of ridiculous things as human beings, whether we mean to or not! We fall off our bikes, we walk into doorframes, and these are things we often can’t avoid. We simply can’t go through life actively thinking about our teeth above all else, and that’s a fact.

After decades of watching their teeth become stained or crooked, many people think that there’s nothing further that can be done, and become resigned to the fact that they will never again have the beautiful smile they see when they look at old photos of themselves.

Happily, they’re wrong. Cosmetic dentistry continues to develop in great leaps and bounds, and can now revolutionise even the most worn-out of smiles. So many previous clients of the Harley Street Smile Clinic have been surprised by the spectacular transformation our specialists have helped them achieve – and a large number had no idea how simple the treatment would be!

A simple re-shaping procedure can completely alter the appearance of chipped or worn out teeth – something that can often be achieved without numbing as it is usually totally pain-free. For teeth that are more dramatically eroded or misshapen, hope is far from lost. Delicate porcelain veneers are extremely simple to apply, and the process usually takes only two appointments.

Stains and discolouration can often prove a huge cause of self-consciousness when it comes to peoples’ teeth, and yet these are some of the simplest flaws to fix! At the Harley Street Smile Clinic, our tried and tested method combines a brand new piece of dental technology – something we like to call our “Stain Blaster” – and a very straightforward whitening treatment. Removing stubborn stains before whitening the teeth allows the whitening fluid to access all areas of the tooth’s surface and means that all discolouration can be removed quickly and evenly, giving the client the radiant, fresh smile they remember from their old photos. Again, this process is completely pain free and can be achieved very quickly.

Something as simple as your smile should not be allowed to get you down when it can be restored to full glory so quickly and easily. If there is something about your teeth that you’d like to change, there is no need to wait – it’s extremely straightforward to book a free e-consultation with the specialists at Harley Street Smile Clinic and find out how we can help.

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