How to look great in photos

How to look great in photos How to look great in photos

Do you cringe every time someone suggests taking a photograph? Have you spent hours (way too long to admit to), trying to perfect the perfect selfie only to still end up hitting delete? Well, this February it’s all about the love here at The Harley Street Smile Clinic and we’re taking a look at everything from how to treat your smile to a little TLC, to sharing clever tricks on how to make sure you never loathe your photo again!

People are snap happy these days. The ease of camera phones has made capturing every moment part of daily life. Which, thanks to social media, is also invariably shared with a wide audience – oh joy!

Some people make it look easy, don’t they? Beaming out model like smiles from every angle. But, if like most of us, despite being relatively happy with your appearance, you still somehow end up looking like a cross between a cardboard cut-out and a slightly crazed Cheshire cat, don’t worry. Help is at hand!

How to look great in photos

Don’t be fooled. Those who take a beautiful picture every time aren’t perfect – just sneaky! And here we uncover some of the best tricks in the trade:

  • Find your best angle

Under close inspection, very few people have perfectly symmetrical faces. So, knowing which is your best side, is key to being happier with photos of yourself. And remember, facing a camera straight on is rarely flattering, so instead turn your head and angle your preferred profile towards the lens.

  • Squinch!

We’ll guess that your first instinct when smiling is to raise your eyebrows and widen your eyes. Wrong! This can make you look alarmed and uncertain rather than happy. Instead, you need to work on your squinch.

‘Squinching’ has been around for years and if it’s good enough for Marilyn Monroe, then it’s good enough for us. It’s the art of gently narrowing your eyes as if focusing on a point in the distance but only bringing down the lower lids (not your eyebrows, or you risk the danger of looking confused!). Master this, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the perfect smoulder.

  • Avoid a double chin

Even the slimmest of people can fall victim to a double chin in photographs. To avoid being caught out, try to elongate your neck and push your face forward slightly, the aim is to have your forehead marginally forward whilst your chin is tipping down. It sounds awkward but try it – it works!

  • Don’t blink!

Are you the one who always has their eyes shut? If you tend to blink at the most inopportune moment, try holding your eyes closed just before the photo is taken and opening them slowly on ‘cheese’ (or just before the camera clicks).

  • Think about lighting

Avoid standing directly under a light as this can create shadows. Instead, try to face a natural light or a spot where a soft light hits your face side on. Another tip is to look towards a lamp or light source as this will make your eyes sparkle.

  • Cheat

If you suspect there’s quite a high chance of photos being taken, then be sure to add a bit more make-up. A hint of foundation and an extra sweep of powder can help to prevent shiny looking skin. Whilst a touch of mascara can enhance your eyes and a bright lipstick can make your smile really pop.

Still not happy?

Try not to be too self-critical, no one is perfect and it’s likely that you look much better than you think you do. That said, here at the Smile Clinic, we understand how big an impact your smile can have on your confidence and the way you feel about yourself, which is why we offer a range of cosmetic treatments for those who feel they need a little more help achieving the perfect smile.

Whether it’s a mini smile makeover to boost your self-esteem and brighten your teeth, or a gummy smile procedure to reduce the amount of gum exposed when you smile, we’re here to help.

Always happy to offer advice and guidance on the right procedure for you, we provide a free consultation and imaging service, to ensure you get the treatment that’s right for you and achieve exactly the results you’re looking for.

Why not get in touch today? With our help, you’ll be camera-ready and flashing winning smiles in no time at all.

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