How to get a Celebrity Smile in 3 Simple Steps

With an ever-increasing number of ways to propel oneself into the spotlight, the amount of celebrities we come across day-to-day in magazines, online and on television is skyrocketing. Whether they’re walking the red carpet or promoting a brand new product, famous faces are everywhere, and each comes with a perfectly tailored smile to match. When the media you come across on a daily basis is so saturated with pristine looks, it’s only natural to begin to compare your own assets to those that are being flaunted. So, if you feel like you could do with a smile overhaul to bring out the celebrity in you, the Harley Street Smile Clinic has some top tips to tell you how it can be achieved.

  1. Listen to your dentist.

These are your teeth, and they have been formed to fit within the frame of your mouth, following the structure of your face. It’s very tempting to come in with a complete and comprehensive idea of what you want changing and who you want to look like, but really, a beautiful and natural smile needs to work with the rest of your features. By all means, use examples of celebrities to let your dentist know the kind of look you desire, but in the end, a smile that enhances your existing look will be far more beautiful than one that has been sculpted to make you look like someone else. Arrange a consultation with your dentist with a clear mind and take on board their recommendations before making any decisions.

  1. Understand your options, budget and timescale.

There are so many ways to enhance your smile! From simple polishing and shaping to crowns and veneers each option comes with a different price tag and takes a certain amount of time. To avoid any stress, arrange your treatment for a time that is suitable for you. For example, applying veneers often takes only one or two appointments, whereas, for more extreme gum sculpting, your mouth can take up to three or four months to fully heal.

  1. Have faith in your new look

Make the most of what you’ve achieved! Your teeth may have affected your confidence negatively in the past, but, after your treatment, you’ll be able to embrace your newfound freedom wholeheartedly. Celebrities are regular people just like us, and while many are extroverted and self-assured, others have had to be coached in how to exude confidence. If you take a second every to remember how amazing your new look is, everything from your body language to the genuineness of your smile will change for the better.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to look and feel their best. At The Harley Street Smile Clinic, there is no end of problems we can solve for you in order for you to feel happy, confident and able to smile without self-consciousness! Whether your teeth are stained, chipped or uneven, you feel your gums are too visible or you’re unhappy with work you’ve had done in the past, get in touch with us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for you. We’re open from 9:30am – 6:00pm Monday – Friday, and you can call us on 020 7486 6777 or email Jill via [email protected].

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