How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Create Your Dream Smile

How cosmetic dentistry can help you create your dream smile How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Create Your Dream Smile

If your teeth make you feel insecure, you’re not alone. Even ultra-fashionista Victoria Beckham was uncomfortable with the appearance of her smile before she decided to undergo cosmetic dentistry, so she settled for her signature pout. Dissatisfaction with the colour, shape or positioning of the teeth affects millions of people in the UK every year, to the point where it can be the only thing that prevents us from feeling our best when we dress up, or causes us to duck out of holiday photos. Many people think that there is nothing that can be done for their own dental issues, but the reality is that cosmetic dentistry can right all manner of wrongs! Look below to find the answer to your own particular issue.

My teeth are discoloured

Whether your teeth are yellow, grey, brown or covered with white spots, the problem can be resolved. Extrinsic staining, often caused by coffee, tea, some fruit juices, smoking and certain foods, can be removed using a process called “stain blasting” as well as a few applications of whitening fluid. If, however, you have intrinsic staining – which can be caused by fluorosis (resulting in the white spots) or by tetracycline (which often turns teeth grey or brown), you can opt in for some beautifully natural-looking and hard-wearing porcelain veneers. These thin shells can be shaped to look exactly like your teeth pre-staining, or they can be tweaked slightly to improve the symmetry of your smile.

My teeth are wonky

People with naturally even teeth are extremely rare – and extremely lucky! The positioning of our teeth is a result of the shape of our jaws and our gum-lines as well as where our roots are, so many people think that they are stuck with this irritating issue. However, there are very simple ways to rectify this problem. Discreet clear braces can be used to realign your smile, or you can choose gum reshaping and tooth contouring, where a delicate laser is used to gently carve longer teeth to match the level of the others, and adjust the gums to create an even look. You can also have veneers applied for this purpose.

I have teeth that are badly broken or missing

Once it’s gone, it’s gone – right? Wrong! If a tooth is very badly broken, a cosmetic dentist can help. The remaining portion of tooth is reshaped to serve as a perfect anchor for a crown – which is similar to a veneer, but while veneers cover only the outer edge of a tooth, a crown totally surrounds it. The crown is then applied and made to match the rest of your teeth completely. You’d never even know one was damaged! If one or more of your teeth are completely missing, the surrounding teeth can be used to secure a bridge – a replacement tooth or teeth, again fashioned from porcelain, which serves to naturally fill the gap.

These are just a few of the ways that cosmetic dentistry can help to return your confidence to you. If you’re interested in any of the services above, get in touch with Harley Street Smile Clinic today and arrange a free consultation by calling 020 7486 6777.

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