How affordable is cosmetic dentistry?

How affordable is cosmetic dentistry?

The summer holidays are over. Leaving behind suntans, happy memories, and no doubt a hefty dent in the bank balance.

As normality resumes, kids head back to school, and you return to work or study, the prospect of being able to finance a cosmetic dental treatment probably feels like a distant dream…but what if you could make it a reality?

Cosmetic dentistry costs – there’s no escaping that fact – but prices and quality still vary. One thing that remains the same though? Use a skilled and reputable cosmetic dentist and treatment could be more affordable than you think – and prove to be the best investment you’ve ever made!

How much do cosmetic dental treatments cost?

It’s difficult to place an exact price on cosmetic dental procedures, with a number of factors influencing the cost. On average though, you can look to pay between £650 and £1000 for a single porcelain veneer.  

Price lists should be readily available to provide you with an initial indication of expense, with clinics happy to offer detailed assessments of your teeth for a more accurate quote.

Cosmetic dentists should always be upfront and honest about the work needed to achieve your desired results and talk through all the options available to you.

What affects the price of cosmetic dentistry?

We already know cosmetic dental work doesn’t come cheap, but what factors can affect the price?

·         The type of treatment you have

Veneers, a gummy smile makeover, teeth reshaping or Invisalign, are just some of the popular cosmetic dental procedures available on today’s market.  

Be aware though, there are usually a number of ways to tackle problem smiles and achieve your desired look, so it’s important to seek professional guidance on the best and most cost-effective solution for your individual needs.

·         The amount of work you have done

It goes without saying that a full set of veneers will cost more than if just one is needed to cover a chipped tooth. Although you’ll often find special offers and savings the more treatments you have.

·         The materials used

In all aspects of life, whether buying clothes, carrying out building renovations or restoring your smile, the materials used will affect the quality of the finished results – and the price!

In most cases, porcelain veneers are favoured due to their durability and attractive, natural-looking appearance. But there is a world of choice out there, including composite veneers and plastic snap-on veneers.

·         The experience of your dentist

Somewhat shockingly, cosmetic dentistry is not a specialist field in the UK. This means – regardless of experience – any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist.

If a price seems too good to be true, it could be that the cosmetic dentist you’re considering isn’t quite the seasoned professional they make out to be.

Be sure to do your research, find out how long they have been operating, check their portfolio of work and read reviews.

·         Where you have work done

More and more people are being lured abroad for their cosmetic dental treatments, tempted by the often vastly reduced prices.

But proceed with caution!

Yes, there are bargains to be had but it’s essential to be diligent with your research to avoid becoming one of the many people to fall victim to cheap veneers abroad.

And don’t forget, even if you do find a seemingly reputable company offering a great service, you still need to factor in the cost of actually getting there, the limitations on aftercare, and the feasibility of follow-up treatments.

How to get value for money with cosmetic dental treatment

–       Finance deals

Make paying for cosmetic dental treatment more affordable by opting for a clinic offering finance deals, helping make payments more manageable.

–       Special offers

Shop around for special offers or discounts for work on multiple teeth.

–       Added extras

Check to see what else is provided. Consultations, simulations of how your new smile will look, detailed quotes etc – look for a clinic that extends these services at no additional charge.

–       Guarantees

You want a smile that lasts, so be sure to find out what guarantees your treatment comes with.

Book a free consultation with the Smile Clinic

At Harley Street Smile Clinic, we have been leading the way in cosmetic dentistry for well over 30 years. A pioneer in the field of cosmetic dentistry, our principal dentist, Dr Maurice Johannes, has fitted in excess of 50,000 veneers!

Not only do we offer unrivalled experience, skill, and quality, we also provide exceptional value for money too, with a 5-year guarantee on all veneers.

Take a look at our current fees or, better still, book a free e-consultation to receive personalised treatment options and a quotation. We’ll even provide you with a free simulation before you commit, so you can see exactly what you can expect from the finished results.

With all this on offer and flexible finance plans available, why wait? Get in touch with the team today to find out more about affordable cosmetic dental treatments with Smile Clinic.

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