Emma’s blog about her experience here

Emma’s blog about her experience here

Another lovely patient of ours, Emma, decided to write a blog about her experience in getting veneers on her teeth. It’s a real honest account of exactly what to expect so read about it here, by copying this link into your browser:


Here’s an excerpt:

Everything is perfect.

I would like to say the hugest thank you to Jill, for explaining everything and for being so very friendly throughout the whole process. To Kat, for being an awesome assistant, for keeping my mouth in check and stopping the nasties choking me. But mostly, to Maurice, the bestest cosmetic dentist in the world! Without his calm tone, his fab explanations, his patience, his understanding and his amazing skill I wouldn’t have held it together. I’m sure he knows how much of an impact he has on all his patients lives but it doesn’t hurt to tell him…. My life is completely different now, I look different but more importantly I feel different…. And for that he will have a special place in my heart! Every time I look in the mirror I will be reminded of Harley Street Smile Clinic. THANK YOU!



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