Don’t let dental fears hold you back from your dream smile

Dental fear holding you back from your dream smile Don’t let dental fears hold you back from your dream smile

Unhappy with your smile? Desperate to do something about it but just can’t bring yourself to make an appointment? You could be suffering from dentophobia!

And you wouldn’t be on your own – over 10% of the UK adult population feel the fear with you.

Being scared and apprehensive about visiting the dentist is a real problem for many people. Often it’s brought on by a past traumatic experience, but sometimes the cause can be unknown, making it even more frustrating for the sufferer – especially when it holds you back from getting the treatment you require.

The fact that cosmetic dentistry is optional, and there is usually no medical necessity for the treatment, can make taking the plunge even more scary for some. And, whilst a dazzling new smile might transform the way you feel about yourself, pushing through the fear can be a real challenge.

But it is worth it. So what can be done to help?

Top tips

Here we offer a few top tips on how to reduce your dental anxiety:

  • Understand your fear – what is it that really gets your heart racing? Is it the noises, the needles, the sterile surroundings? Taking time to understand exactly what you’re most afraid of can be your first step to solving the problem. For example, if it’s the sound of the drill you don’t like, you could wear headphones and listen to your favourite music instead.
  • Find the right cosmetic dentist – has your dental fear been brought on by a past bad experience? Research your practice and check reviews – not just for how pleased people are with their work but also for how they rate the experience as a whole. Were they put at ease? Are the team friendly?
  • Talk it through – chatting through your concerns can be a great way to reduce their scariness. Talk to family and friends about your fears but talk to your dentist too! A professional practice should always have time to be sympathetic towards your worries and talk openly and honestly with you about treatment options, so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you and allay your anxieties.
  • Book an early appointment – the less time you have to think about the impending procedure, the less time you have to work yourself up about it. Try to get the first appointment of the day, that way you don’t have all morning to worry about it.
  • Take someone with you – if you are apprehensive having a friendly face with you as support can make all the difference, giving you extra reassurance.

Think you might be ready to face your fears?

Here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic, we aim to make every aspect of your treatment with us an absolute pleasure, from your initial consultation, right through to your final check-up. Our surroundings are purposely designed to be relaxing and inviting and our friendly, professional team are always on hand to ease any concerns you may have.

We will talk you through every aspect of your procedure – be it to rectify a gummy smile, a mini makeover or a full set of veneers – so that you are in total control and understand exactly what to expect.

Why not contact the team today on 020 7971 1909? Or if you prefer, we also offer an e-consultation where you can simply upload a photo of your smile and ask any questions you have and we’ll get back to you with a detailed response, so you can consider options in your own time.

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