Customer Review of Cosmetic Dentistry

What I liked : From the moment I walked in and sat down with Maurice I knew I had gone to the right place for the work I wanted doing (veneers top & bottom). My first visit was a very relaxed 10 minute consultation with Maurice, during which, not at one point was there any pressure to go ahead with any treatment, it was just a case of Maurice explaining the possible solutions for my bad teeth and leaving it down to me to decide what is best for me, once I leave the surgery. I felt I could have walked out of there afterwards with no intention of going back for work done and wouldn’t have felt like I had wasted their time or feel guilty for not going back for the work, it just didn’t seem like Maurice was trying to sell his services at all and was just giving great advice on the best way forward for me. This was very refreshing, as many places focus on ‘getting the sale’ and try their best to sell it to you, well here it is completely different, so relaxed, so unpressured, and so knowledgable too, without a sales technique in sight! Truly professional and genuine throughout… This first consultation made me so relaxed about the whole thing (I was very worried beforehand, as I knew I would need considerable work to bring my smile back to shape, and like many, I’m not a fan of the dentist surgery, so to think I may need to sit in a dentist chair for several hours was quite a worry for me) however, this worry vanished within minutes of speaking to Maurice, he is so calm and considerate when talking about everything, that he really does make you feel at ease. The cosultation could not have gone better! As for the work itself, I decided to go with veneers top and bottom, so had prepared myself for a torturous few hours in the dentist chair, but again, it ended up NOT being the case and was actually the most relaxed I’ve been in a dentist chair, again this is down to Maurice, he just has a way of making you feel completely at ease… I have run out space so can’t write more, but A+++ !
What could have been improved : Nothing can be improved, from what I can make out.
Any other comments : Maurice, for me, was the best dentist I have ever had work on my teeth, and by some margin! From the way he makes the most nervous of people (me) feel so at ease, to the professionalism and excellence of his work, I really can’t express how good this guy is, you have to go and see for yourself! Also, Jill at reception, was great, one of the most down to earth ladies you will come across, not only that, she was excellent at her job too, even giving a courtesy call the day before my appointment just as a reminder, little bits of service like this are rare to come across these days, but I assume it comes natural to Jill as it never seemed like you were talking to a receptionist, but more like a friend that you’ve known for years, very down to earth and genuine and couldn’t do enough for you, so thanks also go out to you Jill, keep up the good work! I really can’t stress how much I rate this place, I strongly beleive it’s the best place to go for ANY dental work, not just the work I had done! I’ve never written a review for anywhere (I need to be either extremely annoyed or extremely happy with a service to bother writing a review) but this place was so good I couldn’t not say anything, in fear that someone will miss out on this fantastic service and end up going to a place that they may regret… I can’t see anyone ever going to this place and having any regrets, even if they don’t actually have any work done, it’s worth going just for the consultation alone, as you will see their excellence from day one! The work I’ve had done on my smile has completely changed my life and I could not have gone to a better place to have it done! Thankyou so much Maurice, Jill and the rest of the team at Harley Street Smile Clinic. You’re the best! Best Wishes, Aaron Stubbs. (son of Elvis :-p)
Please summarise your overall experience in a single sentence : Every step of the process was professional, genuine and hassle-free. Perfect!

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