Cosmetic dentistry a popular choice for older adults

Cosmetic dentistry a popular choice for older adults

Cosmetic dentistry a popular choice for older adults 08th March 2012

As we grow older there are some inevitable signs of aging, but discoloured or worn-out teeth does not have to be one of them.

Many older adults feel self-conscious about missing or crooked teeth from dental problems in earlier life or may start to experience particular problems with their oral health as they age.

However, with a number of affordable procedures now available, an increasing number of older people are choosing to fix up their smile through cosmetic dentistry treatments.

“We are finding more and more older adults are turning to cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their teeth,” said Dr Maurice Johannes, a cosmetic dentist from the Harley Street Smile Clinic.

“Veneers are the most popular option for worn and discoloured teeth which is quite often the condition of the teeth in older patients. If they have lots of missing teeth then implants and/or bridgework would be the solution to replace the missing ones.”

Dental veneers are a simple way to make gnashers look natural and healthy so are often used to address problems such as damaged, gappy or discoloured teeth.

However, for a crooked or misaligned smile your cosmetic dental specialist may well recommend invisible braces or an Inman Aligner for an affordable and efficient alternative to more traditional orthodontic treatments.

But if you are considering polishing up your pearly whites, Dr Johannes warns patients to remember that poor dental hygiene could slow the process down.

He said: “In order for a patient to undergo cosmetic dentistry their oral hygiene needs to be in an optimum condition and their gums healthy.”

In general, good oral hygiene can be maintained through an effective dental routine that includes regular brushing and flossing, but if you are going to take the plunge and embark on cosmetic procedures, speak to your dentist or cosmetic dentistry specialist who can advise you on the condition of your teeth.

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