Posted 28th February 2019

Celebrity Veneers Whitening Cases

Celebrity Veneers Whitening Cases - London Cosmetic Dentistry

Bobby Norris Testimonial
Hilarious day having Towie film Bobby have his teeth done. Couldn’t stop laughing!

Danielle Lloyd had her upper veneers replaced as they were discoloured as she wanted a fresher and whiter smile.

James Lockie of TOWIE fame just wanted a whitening treatment for his teeth.

Lauren Pope had pretty straight teeth already but she had a narrow smile which she wanted to be much fuller and whiter so 12 veneers were placed to achieve this.

The lovely Oliver Mellor (AKA Corrie’s Dr Carter) came in just to whiten his teeth as they were already lovely and straight.

TOWIE’s Jessica Wright had her teeth whitened. Lots of people think she has veneers but she’s all natural.

Olympic gold medal champion wanted his teeth to be straight so we placed 10 upper veneers to achieve this.

Frankie Essex popped in to have her teeth whitened – white teeth against a good tan and they look even whiter!

Talk Sport’s Andy Gray had his crowns replaced along with some veneers to freshen up his cheeky smile!

Jasmyn Banks testimonial
She might be in prison on Eastenders but Jasmyn Banks is laughing on the outside with her veneers!

Kirk Norcross testimonial
Kirk Norcross had 8 upper veneers to make his smile look brighter, more even and symmetrical.



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