6 reasons to treat yourself to a mini smile makeover

Treat yourself to a mini smile makeover 6 reasons to treat yourself to a mini smile makeover

Good things come in small packages and that’s certainly true of our ‘mini’ smile makeover. The perfect pick-me-up after a tough 18 months, this signature treatment from the Harley Street Smile Clinic could be just what you – and your smile – need.

What is a mini smile makeover?

Want a beautiful smile but worry about having to take time off work for appointments or conscious about the potential cost implications?

We get it. Which is why we have developed the ideal solution – a treatment designed to be affordable and to fit into your busy lifestyle (and by that we mean your lunch hour!). 

The mini smile makeover is just that – mini! Mini price, a minimal time commitment, and minimally invasive. A scaled-down version of our full smile makeover, it offers a fast, effective, and more economical way to rejuvenate your smile. The only thing it doesn’t go small on, is results.

What do you get with a mini smile makeover?

With everything you could want to refresh and boost the appearance of your smile, a mini makeover includes:

·         Stain removal

Using an innovative airflow system we clean and polish the surface of teeth with a mixture of water, compressed air and fine particles. This removes any stubborn stains to help maximise whitening results.

·         Whitening

You’ll be provided with custom-made trays and gel as part of a powerful home whitening kit. This can be used over the course of 14 days, to lighten and brighten your smile.

·         Tooth contouring

Here we gently file teeth, removing small amounts of enamel, to smooth out any imperfections, subtly reshape, and help to balance your smile.

Why you need a mini smile makeover

The results from our mini smile makeovers speak for themselves, but if you’re looking for an excuse to book in, here are 7 of our faves:

1.    You’re worth it!

Even with less restrictions, it’s still been a difficult time for many of us. Surely you more than deserve and little treat?

It’s also likely that your teeth have been neglected, with dental appointments missed thanks to lockdown, so a little maintenance and oral TLC is probably long overdue.

2.    Boost confidence and self esteem

Being self-conscious about your smile can have a huge knock-on effect on your mood, self-esteem, and confidence. The impact this can have on daily life shouldn’t be underestimated and this treatment has the power to not only boost your smile but your potential too!

3.    Get ready for socialising

Life is getting back to normal and with socialising back on the cards, the promise of Christmas parties on the horizon, and catch-ups with long-lost friends and colleagues, a mini smile makeover can help you to look and feel your best.

4.    It’s affordable

One of the many reasons this treatment is so popular is the price. With whitening, tooth contouring and stain blasting all included, you get a huge amount for your money, without breaking the bank. If it still feels a stretch, don’t forget we offer great finance deals too.

5.    It’s pain (and injection!) free

The gentle tooth filing of a mini smile makeover doesn’t require an injection. The entire treatment is unintrusive and shouldn’t involve any discomfort.

6.    It fits into your lunch hour

Another boon to this procedure is the fact it’s quick (we weren’t joking about squeezing the appointment into your lunch break). You can usually expect the treatment to take less than an hour, depending on the amount of stain removal and tooth reshaping required. And thanks to the fact it’s injection free, you’ll be fine to head straight back to the office.

Book your mini-smile makeover today

Tempted?  Then why not find out what a mini smile makeover could do for you by using our free simulation service? Simply upload a close-up photograph of your teeth and we’ll be in touch with images of the results you can expect and advice on how your smile could benefit from this treatment.

Looking for something more? Then check out our full smile makeover for a more comprehensive treatment.

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