5 myths about dental veneers

Myths about dental veneers 5 myths about dental veneers

Feeling underwhelmed by your smile? Perhaps even a little self-conscious about its appearance?

If this sounds familiar, then the chances are you’d love to do something about it. So what’s stopping you?

We’ll hazard a guess it’s a combination of the rumour mill, other people’s opinions and the horror stories of internet searches. But, whilst it’s important to do your research, it’s also important not to let misinformation – and in many cases, blatant untruths – stand between you and your dream smile.

Veneers have grown massively in popularity over recent years but there’s still a degree of misunderstanding and confusion surrounding them. To clear matters up, the team here at Harley Street Smile Clinic (who happen to be experts in veneers!) are taking a closer look at some of the common misconceptions surrounding this popular cosmetic dental treatment.

What are veneers?

First things first, what even are veneers? Basically, they are a wafer-thin covering, usually made of porcelain, that is bonded to the front of a tooth. They can be applied for all kinds of reasons – to mask a chip or crack, to alter the shape or alignment of teeth, or simply to improve the colour and overall appearance of a smile.

Common myths about veneers

Myth #1 – they are too obvious

Whilst it’s true that veneers can look glaringly white and unnatural, what many people don’t realise is that there are actually many shades of white to choose from. Veneers should be custom made to fit your needs and preferences and, with a reputable cosmetic dentist, you should be offered a virtual simulation of what the finished results will look like, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Myth #2 – they are only for vain people

Utter rubbish! Veneers are frequently used to repair damage and protect teeth from further harm – they can help to adjust your bite, shield a chipped or cracked tooth or defend already worn teeth against additional wear and tear.

The reason and uses for veneers are varied but the facts remain the same – everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and your smile plays a big part in that, affecting your confidence and self-esteem. Anyone who believes that equates to vanity can keep their opinions to themselves as far as we’re concerned.

Myth #3 – they hurt

This is often the deal-breaker for many people. With the thought of enduring repeat appointments and hours of painful dental work, enough to stay tight-lipped.

But there’s no need! Thanks to modern advances, the veneers process isn’t painful at all and in some cases (composite veneers) they can be applied in just one trip to the dentist.

Myth #4 – you have to file away your real teeth

Thankfully this one is also false – phew!

Fuelled by shock images of gruesome stumps (think the recent mishaps of Katy Price), veneers are wrongly portrayed as needing dramatic tooth reduction. This is not the case. Modern veneers are so thin that only very minimal reshaping and filing of the natural tooth is required.

Myth #5 – you need to go abroad to get value

In recent years there has been an increasing number of people heading to sunnier climes for their dental work, believing it’s the best way to bag a bargain. If you’ve heard this too, you may be worried that by staying in the UK for veneer treatment you’ll be paying over the odds.

There’s much to consider and it’s essential to do your research – starting with reading our blog on the ‘Risks of getting veneers in Turkey’ – but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll receive better value for money by going abroad. There are often competitive finance deals available to help spread the cost and, by staying local, you are also protected under UK laws if there are any problems.

Talk to the veneer experts

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