5 Best Ways to Maintain Teeth Health

Best ways to maintain teeth health 5 Best Ways to Maintain Teeth Health

5 Best Ways to Maintain Teeth Health

Dental health is something that is instilled in many people from a young age, and rightly so. Healthy teeth are not only achieved by brushing your teeth every morning (as some would believe) but also through other means such as maintaining the correct diet and being consistent. Below are a number of ways in which you can be sure to keep your oral hygiene intact, therefore lessening the chances of health problems concerning your dental care.


Many people believe that flossing is simply an added benefit for your dental health, however it is actually just as important as brushing. Flossing effects your oral hygiene in that it allows you to remove pieces of food from between your teeth. This is basically the areas that your brush may not be able to get into and rid your mouth of food that has been stuck in your teeth. This form of dental care helps in reducing the chances of plaque and also helps in keeping your gums stimulated.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash, much like flossing, is basically viewed as an alternate or added benefit to healthy teeth. However, again it is important to take into account along with brushing and flossing. Mouthwash assists your dental health in that it reduces the amount of acid being left in your mouth, therefore helping in cleaning the surroundings of your gum and lessening the chances of health problems such as gingivitis. It is recommended that you choose your mouthwash wisely due to the fact that there are number of different types available on the open market, for example there are some that are more suited for individuals with sensitive teeth.

Healthy Food and Drinks

A basic piece of knowledge in keeping your healthy teeth intact is that certain food and drinks and timing of consuming them effects your teeth. Eating habits in all manners of the term are important to take into account when thinking about your oral hygiene. The types of food and drink you consume effect your teeth greatly. Sugar-filled foods for example, cause your enamel to erode. This of course refers to snacky foods consisting of chocolate or sweets covered in sugar. Sticking mainly to healthy fruits and vegetables assists in not effecting your teeth (granted you clean and main them daily and properly) but also keeping them strong. Water is also important. Water, although good for your body in general, helps in your oral hygiene. Water assists in washing out any of the pesky pieces of food and acids that are left in your mouth from eating meals.

Timing of eating and drinking is also important. If you are to drink or eat something sugar fuelled before going to bed, it is beneficial that you brush, floss and/or use mouthwash after doing so before you get some sleep. This helps in protecting your oral hygiene by wiping away the sugar you have consumed, therefore stopping any health issues being applied to your teeth or gums.

Brush Thoroughly

Probably the most important way to maintain healthy teeth is making sure you are brushing your teeth properly. It is imperative that you are, each day, brushing your teeth twice a day, and roughly taking 2 to 3 minutes doing so each time. The bristles of your brush are the most classical method of effecting the acids and pesky pieces of food in your mouth. They help to brush them away and keep your dental care in tip top condition for yet another day.

Clean Your Tongue Too

Believe it or not, your tongue is also prey to various oral hygiene problems. Your tongue can actually be affected by bacteria and even plaque, both of which add to the effect of bad breath. The best way to avoid these problems from starting or progressing, is to also clean your tongue. Your bristles are effective for this if done gently, but you can also purchase toothbrushes nowadays that come equipped with a sort of scrubber on the opposite side of the toothbrush that has the bristles.

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