4 of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures

4 of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures

As scientific advances continue to enable fantastic developments in cosmetic dentistry, certain patterns are emerging that show which treatments are the most popular, and which dental issues members of the general public are most eager to have fixed! The specialists at Harley Street Smile Clinic have performed hundreds upon hundreds of cosmetic procedures, and, accordingly, have pit together a list of those they’ve observed to be the most common.

  1. Whitening

Sparkly white teeth are the dream for the large percentage of us who aren’t blessed with that pearly celeb-style smile. And, for most of us, that dream can easily become a reality. The best effect when whitening stained teeth can be achieved by getting a deep clean and then going in for professional tooth whitening; removing any plaque or other obstructions means that whitening treatments can make more of a different over a short period of time. You can arrange for sessions, or ask for a treatment that you can use at home. This is a treatment that you can also combine with simple tooth reshaping, which is something that Harley Street Smile Clinic calls a Mini Smile Makeover. And speaking of which…

  1. Tooth reshaping

Those with slightly crooked teeth, or those with some teeth a little longer than others, may be interested in tooth reshaping. This simple treatment serves as a painless way of giving you beautiful even teeth for a gorgeous, symmetrical smile. It may also help you on your way to a more comfortable “bite” – the way the top and bottom teeth meet (this is where we get the terms “overbite” and “underbite”).

  1. Veneers

Veneers can resolve a huge number of issues with your smile. A delicate film of porcelain covering each problem tooth, the development of new techniques has seen veneers become more and more delicate and intricately sculpted. Current cosmetic dentistry renders veneers impossible to tell apart from natural teeth by the naked eye. For those with discoloured teeth or teeth that are crooked, they may just be the perfect answer.

  1. Gum reshaping

Laser technology allows us to bare more of our beautiful smile than ever before. If you’re unhappy with a “gummy” smile, a simple gum reshaping will give your mouth a new lease of life, revealing what you never knew you had. Basic reshaping is painless and heals in a very short space of time, with the majority of recipients able to return to work the next day. Those who require a larger amount of gum removing may require a little longer to heal.

All of the above procedures are simple and straightforward, with many taking just two sessions or fewer to complete, along with minimal recovery time – meaning you can get on with your life as normal once you’re done. If you’re interested in rediscovering your smile, contact the Harley Street Smile Clinic today on 02074866777 and book a free consultation. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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